Due at the end of 8th grade on JUNE 30th
    College Bound Scholarship: 
    The College Bound Scholarship (CBS) program encourages low-income, middle school students to choose a path that will lead to educational success after high school.  Applications are available online (see application link below) or at the BMS front desk. 

    The program promises tuition (at public institution rates) and a small book allowance for income-eligible students who sign up in the 7th or 8th grade, work hard in school, stay out of legal trouble, and successfully apply to a higher education institution when they graduate.

    Students may sign up in the 7th or 8th grade, and need only apply once.  Students who submit a completed application before June 30 of their 8th grade year will receive a certficate of application from the Washington Student Achievement Council.  If you applied and have not received your certificate, please use the contact information below. 
    REMEMBER- the deadline for all applicants is by June 30 of the student's 8th grade year.

    Three different ways to Apply:
    • ONLINE - Click HERE to begin the online application (takes a few seconds to load)
    • DOWNLOAD - Click HERE to download CBS application forms and Q&As (multiple languages available)
    • PAPER COPY - request a paper copy of the application at the BMS front desk or from the school counselor
    Contact College Bound Scholarship:

    E-mail: collegebound@wsac.wa.gov
    Phone: 1-888-535-0747