BMS starts schoolwide career exploration in March.  Seventh grade students will use the "Where Are You Going?" workbook produced by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.  Seventh grade students will focus on identifying their current interests and learning how their Interest Rating results can be used to identify career pathways.
    Eighth grade students focus on career exploration in their language arts class.  In March, they will learn about Tumwater High School's graduation requirements and post-secondary education requirements.  Eighth graders will begin drafting their Four Year Plan in March and use it to guide their course selection for 9th grade registration in April. 
    Other career exploration resources are listed below:


    Big Future is a free, comprehensive Web site by the College Board that helps guide studentsstep-by-step in college planning. At bigfuture.org students can use intelligentsearch-and-match tools and informative videos to find college matches, learnhow families can pay for college, and create a personalized plan and timelinefor college.  https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/?navid=bf-cp


    Washington Career Bridge (Career Interest Inventory): explore careers, viewjob trends, find education opportunities, and learn how to pay forpost-secondary education.  http://www.careerbridge.wa.gov/

    KnowHow2Go http://www.knowhow2go.org/middle.php


    CareerShip-CareerShip®is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high schoolstudents. CareerShip is a product of Mapping YourFuture, a public-service web site providing free career, college,financial aid, and money management information and services.  CareerShip uses O*NET CareerExploration Tools version 15.0. Mapping Your Future introduced CareerShipin 1999 with the most recent update in September 2011. http://mappingyourfuture.org/planyourcareer/careership/