• District Special Programs

    The Special Services Department of Tumwater School District offers a continuum of services to students with disabilities ages Birth to 21 years. Placing students in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment is the goal for the education of students with disabilities. These services are provided in a variety of settings. A full range of related services are also available.

    Birth-to-Three and Three-to-Five Developmental Pre-School 

    Our Early Intervention Program serves children from birth to age 3, with the goal of providing support for young children and their families. The focus is on gaining skills that will lead to a successful preschool or grade school experience.           

    Our Preschool Programs provide a learning environment and activities that address the development of each child. Each class receives additional support from speech and occupational/physical therapists. The classroom encourages play opportunities with other children which promote social development and continuous growth of every child’s self-concept.       

    Resource K-12

    The students served in Resource Programs have a wide range of academic and/or behavioral needs.  Individual and small group instruction are an integral part of this support system to the general education classroom curriculum. This service is provided in the general education environment, or through a ‘pull-out’ to reduced group settings.  

    District Multi-Age Program K-6

    This is a self-contained program for students who experience autism or behaviors that benefit from strategies used in this program. It is currently located at Michael T. Simmons Elementary school. The program emphasizes positive instruction within naturally occurring conditions to promote communication and learning. The focus is on family-professional partnerships and prioritizes the abilities and supports that lead to positive long term outcomes. 

    District Life Skills Programs K-12

    Students receiving services in the Tumwater Life Skills Programs often display significant delays in all developmental areas; cognitive, academic, social, speech/language, motor and self-help.  At the secondary level, emphasis is place on school and community mobility, work activities and vocational training. The sites are as follows:  Elementary - Black Lake Elementary, Middle School - Bush Middle School, High School - Tumwater and Black Hills High Schools.

    District K-6 Functional Academics

    The Functional Academics program, located at Peter G. Schmidt, serves students who often need more specialized instruction and differentiated curriculum than what can be provided in the resource model. Many of the students have communication challenges as well as academic and cognitive delays.

    District EBD Program K-12

    The district’s EBD program is designed to meet the needs of emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. The focus is on development and implementation of skills necessary to be successful at school, home, and in the community. Program components include social skills, goal setting, IEP services, and a level-system to collect data as students transition to the general education setting.  Guidance to school districts from Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction supports the emphasis on inclusion in a student’s home school as much as possible.  Tumwater School District makes every effort to serve students within their home schools and sometimes student needs requires concentrating services at a site.    The following sites are considered self-contained: Elementary – Tumwater Hill Elementary, Middle School – Tumwater Middle School, High School – currently there is no a self-contained program at this level.  Staff will provide a high level of service and serve the students within their school setting.  This honors the student’s need to stay within their home school setting and graduate with their class.    

    LINCS Program 18-21 years 

    The LINCS program is designed to encourage competitive/supported employment, adult leisure activities and self-management skills in the community.  Experiential jobs provide career exploration which allow participants to make decisions about future employment.

    Secondary Options/Alternative Learning Experience

    Secondary Options is for high school students interested in creating a program to fit their needs in order to find success. It is designed to encourage students, who have left school, to re-enter high school to earn a diploma. Credit is earned through demonstrated mastery of class assignments using a variety of assessment models, as well as some course work available on an independent basis.  Special Education services are provided within the context of this program.

    Tumwater West, Juvenile Detention Center

    Tumwater West is the school program at the Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center. As per state statute, Tumwater School District provides educational support to all juveniles incarcerated at the center. Students, grades 4-12, are in a self-contained classroom with a certificated teacher.  Instructional emphasis is on reading comprehension, math and writing skills.  21st Century job and life skills are also emphasized in this program.

    New Market Skills Center

    A consortium or 25 high schools in 10 districts providing career and technical education to high school students interested in employment after high school and/or preparation for entering college or an apprenticeship.