• Home/Hospital Instruction

    Who qualifies for Home Hospital Instruction?

    Home/Hospital instruction is provided to Tumwater School District students who are unable to attend school due to a certified physical or emotional condition.  Home/Hospital instruction is provided to a student who is staying home, in a therapeutic center, or in a hospital while convalescing or receiving treatment.  It is provided to enable the student to continue academic work and remain current with classroom instruction while absent from school. 

    How to get Home/Hospital Instruction for my student?

    A student must apply for Home/Hospital instruction.  To qualify for instruction, the student’s health care provider (Doctor (M.D.), Naturopath (N.D.), Osteopath (O.D.), Dentist (D.M.D.), Chiropractor (D.C.), Physician Assistant (P.A.), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.) or a licensed mental health therapist) must complete a form certifying that the student will be unable to attend school for a minimum of four (4) to a maximum of eighteen (18) weeks due to the physical or emotional condition.  The absence may happen concurrently or be spread out over a school year.

    As soon as you suspect a long-term absence, notify your school or call the Special Services Office at 360-709-7040. We can either fax, mail or e-mail you a Consent for Mutual Exchange of Information.  This form allows your student’s health care provider to complete the required form and speak to us regarding Home/Hospital Instruction only.  Once we have received the completed form from the health care provider we will assign a Home/Hospital tutor. 

    What to expect from Home/ Hospital Instruction?

    The student will receive about 2 hours of support per week from at Home Hospital tutor who acts as a liaison with the student’s home school. The Home Hospital instruction services are provided by a Home Hospital teacher during the school year, but not during school vacations. There are some exclusions for Home Hospital. For instance, it may not be used for a student who is staying at home to care for an infant or a sick relative. 

    When and where will the Home/Hospital tutoring take place?

    Home/Hospital tutoring is held at the student’s residence or care facility.  Once the Home/Hospital tutor has been assigned, they will contact the parent to set up the tutoring schedule.  The parent must be present at tutoring sessions and ensure the attendance of the student. 

    Home/Hospital Consent

    Home/Hospital Consent

    For additional information about Home/Hospital tutoring contact:

    Denise Reed

    Administrative Assistant