Fundraiser and Budget Information



    Littlerock PTO has decided to organize TWO Fundraisers this year. 


    Carrying on with our fundraiser ideas from last year, we are going to focus on only two fundraisers.  We do not want to continually ask families to sell products – and do not want families to feel as if they need to keep buying items to help support our school programs.  Therefore, we will be asking you to support our school by participating in WINTERFEST and our WALK-A-THON.




    These are great fundraisers because the funds raised go DIRECTLY to Littlerock Elementary School and to the many programs that PTO supports. 




    Please contact us at littlerockelempto@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering at these fundraisers.  More information and volunteer opportunities will be posted as we approach the dates of these two events.  J


     Here are just a few of the items that our fundraising efforts helped support last school year:




    *$3,000 for Positive Behavior Support Program


              (Tiger Paw Program, Incentives, Rewards,)


    *$5,000 for Classroom Supplies – Teacher Support


    *$2,000 for Classroom Supplies – per Teacher Requests


    *$2,200 for Accelerated Reading program – Yearly Expense


    *AR prizes and party


    *$1,000 to Drama Club


    *Garden Club


    *PE Supplies


    *$2,100 Olympia Junior Programs Transportation and Admission


              Every student was provided admission!


    *$1,500 Field trip transportation for each grade level to take a field trip


    *Emergency supplies for all classrooms




    *Student Directories


    *Fall Family Fun Night – Jump Rope Night – FREE to Families


    *Octoberfest – FREE to Families


    *Classroom/School Popcorn and Reward Parties


    *BINGO Family Night – FREE to Families


    *$600.00 SBA snacks/supplies for students


    *Staff Appreciation Week


    *$500 College Scholarship for Littlerock Elementary Alumni


    *$550.00 Student planners for 5th Grade


    *Field Days/Rollerdome transportation and supplies


    $600.00 5th Grade T-Shirts


    *Long term projects per staff/parent direction