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    Welcome to Mr. Wimsett's A.P. Government Class 
    (This is our road map for the year.) 
    (Must be signed and returned ASAP) 
    Recent Assignments/Activities: 
     (newest items are always towards the top)  
    Sept. 20th ~ Discuss current events
    Sept. 19th ~ Sign up for AP Classroom/Register for AP Exam;
    work on news article write-ups
    Sept. 18th ~ Chapter 1 Test
    (Turn in study guides before the test starts)
    Sept. 17th ~ Happy National Constitution Day!
    Review for the test
    Sept. 16th ~ Finish lecture notes from Thursday;
    complete review of terms sheet (see Mr. Wimsett for this)
    Sept. 13th ~ Discuss current events;
    be sure to turn in your 3 news article reviews
    Sept. 12th ~ Lecture notes = Intro to Politics (click)
    Sept. 11th ~ Share results of the political survey;
    discuss political ideology
    Sept. 10th ~ Report to Lab 207;
    complete the online political survey
    Sept. 9th ~ Political Self Reflection & Class Discussion
    Sept. 6th ~ Get your textbooks!
    Discuss the following:
    Sept. 5th ~ Share a little bit about myself & teaching philosophy
    Sept. 4th ~ First Day of School (Welcome Activities)