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    Welcome to Mr. Wimsett's A.P. Government Class 
    (This is our road map for the year.) 
    (Must be signed and returned ASAP) 
    Recent Assignments/Activities: 
     (The newest items are always towards the top)  
    Sept. 29th ~ News Article Discussion
    ~ Be ready to share your news article write up
    ~ Remember your article needs to focus on something related to Congress
    Sept. 27th & 28th ~ Constitution Video
    Sept. 26th ~ Test over Chapter 1 
    ~ Study guides must be turned in before the test
    Sept. 25th ~ Review Day for the Test
    Sept. 22nd ~ News Article Discussion
    ~ Roundtable discussion for students to share articles
    they wrote about
    ~ Be sure to turn them into the basket at the front of the room
    Sept. 21st ~ Work Day 
    ~ Finish up your news article reviews 
    (due tomorrow--be ready to discuss your article)
    ~ Work on your Chapter 1 Study Guide
    ~ Friendly reminder...Chapter 1 TEST on Tuesday!
    Sept. 20th ~ Finish up lecture notes
    Sept. 19th ~ Lecture continued
    ~ finish up lecture notes from Monday
    Sept. 18th ~ Intro to Government & Politics 
    Sept. 15th ~ Discuss News Article Review Assignment
    ~ Find an article to write about for next Friday, Sept. 22nd
    ~ Focus on local and/or state government
    Sept 14th ~ Discussion about political ideology results
    Sept. 13th ~ Political Ideology Tutorial & Quiz
    ~ Political Socialization & Political Ideology (click here for the assignment)
    ~ You will need your Chromebook to complete this assignment
    Sept. 12th ~ Go over the following:
    ~ Class expectations
    ~ Course Syllabus
    ~ Sign up for AP Classroom & Exam (thru the College Board site)
    ~ Share "My Story" slideshow
    Sept. 11th ~ Several items for today:
    ~ Go to the library to pick up textbooks
    ~ Handout Chapter 1 Study Guide
    ~ Picture day--students head to the mat room to have their picture taken
    Sept. 8th ~ As a group, share out discussions that happened in small groups
    Sept. 7th ~ Exploring our political beliefs
    ~ Break into groups for discussion
    Sept. 6th ~ Welcome Back
    ~ Followed by a discussion about the importance of paying attention to the news
    The first day of school is Wed. Sept. 6th.  Looking forward to meeting all of my students!