• Community Relations Series 4000

    Table of Contents
    4000 Public Information Program
    4004 Gifts, Grants, Awards and Scholarships
    4004P    Procedure
    4009 School Visitation Rights of Non-Students
    4040 Public Access to District Records
    4040P    Procedure
    4060 Distribution of Materials/Solicitations
    4060P    Procedure
    4130 Parental and Community Involvement
    4210 Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
    4210P    Procedure
    4215 Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Substances
    4218 Language Access
    4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs
    4220P    Procedure
    4260 Use of School Facilities
    4260P    Procedure
    4311 School Safety and Security Services Program
    4311P    Procedure
    4314 Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm
    4314P   Procedure
    4315 Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders
    4315P    Procedure
    4400 Election Activities
    4400P    Procedure