• Board of Directors Series 1000

    Table of Contents
    1000Legal Status and Operation
    1105   Director Districts
    1109Code of Ethics for Board Members
    1111Oath of Office
    1113Board Member Residency
    1114Board Member Resignation and Vacancy
    1114P    Procedure
    1210Annual Organizational Meeting, Election of Officers
    1220Board Officers and Duties of Board Members
    1310Policy Adoption
    1320Rescision/Suspension of a Policy
    1400Meeting Conduct, Order of Business & Quorum
    1410Executive or Closed Sessions
    1420Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda
    Audience Participation
    1450Absence of a Board Member
    1610Conflicts of Interest
    1620Board-Superintendent Relationship
    1650Assignment of Administrative Staff
    1660Duties of Administrative Staff
    1731Board Member Expenses
    1731P    Procedure
    1732Board Member Insurance
    1733Board Member Compensation
    1733P    Procedure
    1820Board Self-Assessment
    1821Emergency Closings