• The staff at Tumwater High School is committed to preparing students for success after high school. School attendance habits, such as attending school regularly and arriving to class on time, translate into a quality individual.

    Please call within 24 hours of absence


    Appointments & early dismissals: If your student has an appointment or needs to leave early for any reason PLEASE call early in the morning or leave a message the night before.  There are a handful of classes where students are participating in activities outside of their classroom and it can be challenging to track them down immediately.

    If your student has a medical appointment, please have them bring a medical note, or email it to: laura.hagen@tumwater.k12.wa.us, so their absence can be recorded accurately.  


    Tardies: Our district policy states if your student is more than 10 minutes late to class they will be marked absent, if they arrive within that 10-minute window they will be marked tardy.  Phone calls home regarding tardies are simply an FYI and cannot be excused.

    Consistent tardies may result in lunch detention.


    Incorrect attendance: If your student is accidently marked absent by a teacher or sub please have them check in with their teacher the next school day.  Their teacher will email me with the accurate attendance and I will make the appropriate changes in skyward.


    Pre-Planned Absences:  A planned absence form (cClick here) is necessary for prior arranged absences, such as family vacations. Your student may also pick this form up at the attendance office.


    18-year-old students may NOT excuse themselves.  They still need to have a parent/guardian excuse them.  (There is one exception:  Independent Status students.  However, these students must gain Independent Status through Administration approval.) 


    Please contact Laura Hagen in the Attendance Office at 360-709-7620 if you have questions.