Anti-Harassment (Bullying) - How Kids Can Get Help

    Are you being bullied?

    That’s not right. We can help.

    All students have the right to feel safe at school.

    To help you, we need you to tell us what is happening.

    ·        You can report bullying to any teacher or other adult working at your school. 

    ·        You can also fill out a report form and turn it into any teacher or other adult working at your school. 

    Below are links to the report forms. You can print the form, answer the questions and then turn it into any teacher or other adult at your school. You can also get the forms at your school. Ask any school adult for help if you can’t find the form or need help filling out the form.

    Grades 7-12 Report Form
    Below are the policies and procedures for the District. You do not need to read the policies and procedures to talk with teachers or other school adults or to fill out a report form. These are only provided for those who are interested. Your school office can make copies for you if you request them.



    Useful Websites for More Information
    www.StopBullying.gov - There are lots of materials here for kids.