•  Anti-Harassment (Bullying) Policies and Procedures


    Key Components of the Policy and Procedures:

    • Annual training will be provided to all staff and students on bullying recognition and prevention. 
    • Reporting forms will be explained to staff and students and posted prominently in each building and on the website.
    • Students, parents/guardians, and community members/volunteers may report bullying to any staff member.
    • Each site will designate a compliance officer for this issue. The District Compliance Officer is the Assistant Superintendent and can be reached at 360-709-7030.

    Below are links to the new policy, procedure and reporting forms.


    Useful Websites for More Information

    www.StopBullying.gov  - This U.S. Government website is managed by the departments of Health & Human Services, Education and Justice.  There are materials here for both kids and adults. 
    www.k12.wa.us/SafetyCenter/BullyingHarassment - This is our WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Safety Center website. 
     Updated December 2018