• Refusing Bullying:

    1st decide if it is safe to stand up to the person bullying
    -  (if it is not safe than report):
    • Are they a lot bigger or older than you?
    • Is there more than one person ganging up on you?
    • Do you feel trapped?
    • There is no ne around tht could help if you needed it
    If it is safe here are the steps to standing up to them:
    • Get cool and calm - don't  let them know you are scared
    • Stand up straight and tall
    • Look straight at the person
    • Label it.  Say, "that's bullying," or "I feel bullied."
    • Say "no," or Say, "I want you to stop," or "leave me alone."
    • Walk away calmly
    When to report bullying to an adult:
    • Anytime
    • Immediately when someone isn't safe
    • You've tried to refuse it, but the bullying continues
    Tattling vs. Reporting:
    • Tattling is when someone is trying to get someone else in trouble
    • Reporting is when a student tries to keep someone from getting hurt (has to do with safety)
    What to Report:
    • Who is bullying?
    • What are they doing?
    • Where are they bullying? (classroom, playground, bus, etc...)
    • When are they bullying?  (before school, after school, lunch recess, etc...)
    Information from Steps to Respect Curriculum