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Geometry is a very language intensive math class. We will be exploring the geometric world through tasks designed to help develop a deep understanding of the math that lies within Geometry. There will be lots of reading, writing, discussing, and yes, even some computing!
Grades are based on the following percentages: 10% for daily assignments, 90% for quizzes and tests.
The grading scale is as follows:
A: 93.00% - up A-: 90.00% - 92.99%
B+: 87.00% - 89.99% B: 83.00% - 86.99% B-: 80.00% - 82.99%
C+: 77.00% - 79.99% C: 73.00% - 76.99% C-: 70.00% - 72.99%
D+: 67.00% - 69.99% D: 60.00% - 66.99% F: below 60%
Each task that we do in class will have a homework assignment that goes along with it, which will be turned in and graded. There will usually be two quizzes per module, which students are able to retake once if they so desire. At the end of the module there will be a comprehensive assessment (test).
For help at home, parents can click here to access the help links on the district website.

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