Students have time weekly to browse for and borrow books from the Peter G. library collection. 
            Our library books can be kept for up to 2 weeks.  Then students can renew the book if they would like to keep it, unless it is a very popular book with a waiting list.
            The OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) tab on the library's webpage enables you to see if we have a particular book by title, author, subject or keyword.  Helpful links for homework and other curriculum resources are available 24/7 via the links! 
           All TSD students can access TRL electronic resources (including e- books and audio books), either at or away from school, with their student account. Log in: user name is the student's 7 digit ID number plus 4 digit birth month/year, no spaces. Password is 4 digit student birth month and birth day. There is also a portal via a link on the library website.
            Lost or damaged books are difficult to replace with our very limited library budget. Mrs. Glass will first try to work directly with your child to solve the problem. The next step is an overdue book notice sent home in the Communication Envelope, then a phone call or e-mail home. Library materials are subject to the same fine policy as other Tumwater School District resources, such as textbooks.
          Information literacy is an important component of the library curriculum. Instruction for responsible use of the Internet is included for all students in accordance with Tumwater School District Policy 4411(pg. 27), taught in context in Library and (when possible) in collaboration with Technology. The K-12 librarians teach from our collaboratively developed Standards to support and enrich the classroom curriculum. These can be viewed online by grade level and are also posted in the library,
     a print version is available in the library and also on the white board, student version per grade level.
        Our PGS library books have been selected to encourage independent reading for pleasure and/or personal information needs. The PGS library collection has been very carefully organized to encourage fun and productive browsing for the wide range of interests and developmental needs of all students ages 5 through 12 -years-old. Some 5th graders might enjoy reading books from a category publishers label "Middle Grades (5-8) and the library has some of these books, all have been read by Mrs. Glass. If you prefer your child not to borrow books from this section, or you have any other areas of concern, please contact Mrs. Glass so she can note this with your student's checkout information. 
         Library tours are always welcome! Please stop in anytime, or you can call or e-mail in advance.
     Donations of gently outgrown books are always appreciated!