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     Course Description:
    Eighth grade social studies in Tumwater covers the history, civics, economy, and geography of the United States, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Successful completion of this course satisfies the Washington State History requirement for high school graduation. We will address both state and Common Core standards. Social studies students will develop skills that are important to success in school and beyond. 
    * Classroom Expectations
      Link to geography game websites:  bit.ly/1KyBCtf 
    * Many  assignments have been posted in classroom.google.com and shared with students from each class. Use school google account to access. (There's a free google app for phones and tablets!) 
    Current Objectives: "I will understand how people and movements shaped historical events during 'The Birth of Our Nation'."
                                  "I will understand the main points of The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution." 

     Week of January 30

     Monday 1/30: 
    Tuesday 1/31:  The Constitution Convention. Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation + Shays Rebellion
    Wednesday 2/01:  Forming a Government Terms-to-Know. Lecture/discussion/vocabulary.
    Thursday  2/02: Continue with terms. *Turn it in. Begin ch. 7
    Friday 2/03:  Document Based Questions. Lesson on "The Four Reads of a Primary Source." As a class, read All the Horrors of a Civil War (4 times). Analysis questions. 
    Week of January 19            


    Monday 1/19:  MLK Day, no school


    Tuesday 1/20: 
    • Government Terms to Know
    Wednesday 1/21:
    • Skim and discuss the U.S. Constitution
    • Begin Chart of the Three Branches 
    Thursday 1/22:
    • Finish skimming Const. and complete Chart of the Three Branches
    • Checks and Balances Flow Chart

     Friday 1/23:

    • Checks and Balances simulation game
    • Begin studying for next week's Revolution and Civics test 

    Week of January 11            


    Monday 1/11:  

    • Complete Revolutionary War Timeline (lecture notes, in notebook, page 25)
    • The Effects of the Revolution, discuss and list on page 26

     Tuesday 1/12: 

    • What happened to the signers of the Declaration?  The fate of the 56.
    • Begin "Revolution" from America: the History of US video

     Wednesday 1/13:

    • Complete "Revolution" from America: the History of US video 
    • Begin Ch. 7 "Creating the Constitution" page 200

     Thursday 1/14:

    • Continue Ch. 7 (weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation)

     Friday 1/15:

    • Finish Ch. 7 (debate and compromise at the Const. Convention)

    Week of January 04           


    Monday 1/04:  

    • Make an outline of the Declaration of independence in notebooks, page 23

     Tuesday 1/05: 

    • Use actual Declaration to fill-in-the-blanks on a summary of the Declaration 

     Wednesday 1/06:

    • Analyze and paraphrase excerpts from the Declaration; fill out matrix, turn in.

     Thursday 1/07:

    • Begin Revolutionary War Timeline in notebook, page 25. (Lecture, notes) 

     Friday 1/08:

    • Continue Rev. War Timeline

    Week of December 14            


    Monday 12/14:  

    • Two brief videos to show why the colonists became so fed up!  (Crash Course History #5; "Rebels" from America: Story of US
    • Groups assigned for tomorrow's activity

     Tuesday 12/15: 

    • Special "guest"
    • Proclamations simulation:  groups discuss and respond in writing to 4 proclamations

     Wednesday 12/16:

    • "Road to Rebellion"  chart. Read Ch.5, section 2 (p. 145-149)  
    • Discover the analogies in yesterday's activity, and complete Road to Rebellion chart. *Turn it in

     Thursday 12/17:

    •  More of "Rebels" (moving on to Lexington/Concord and the Shot Heard 'Round the World

     Friday 12/18:

    • Finish Rebels. Read
    • Colonial sayings


    Week of December 7            


    Monday 12/07:  

    • Read "What Is an American?" from History of US
    • On worksheet complete 2 short and one long answers

     Tuesday 12/08: 

    • Read one assigned section from the U.S. history textbook (3.2, 3.3, or 3.4)
    • Answer questions 1a, 1b, and 2a. Make your summary about the entire section you read.
    • *Summary due tomorrow.

     Wednesday 12/09:

    • Snowball--table partners share and combine summaries (make it bigger, better)
    • Snowball grows--two tables combine summaries for one even bigger, better summary. 
    • The best summary for each section will be shared with the whole class. Pay close attention, you are accountable for all three sections.

     Thursday 12/10:

    • Skim and scan chapter four. 
    • Read "How I Became a Printer" by Ben Franklin
    • Colonial sayings

     Friday 12/11:

    • Update interactive notebooks
    • T-chart of colonization (reasons/impact)

    Week of November 30            


    Monday 11/30:  

    • Update Notebooks: complete Explorers Unit/section
    • Finish Geography Bee

     Tuesday 12/01: 

    • Begin Colonial Unit-- “How did the English start colonies with distinct qualities in North America?”
    • Read U.S. History textbook pages 62-65, answer Visual Preview questions. Read 66-70.

     Wednesday 12/02:

    • Finish “Colony” Terms to Know (turn-in)
    • Colonial America--separate, distinct colonies, founded by different groups for different purposes

     Thursday 12/03:

    •  Map of Colonial America: southern, middle, New England;  when founded and why

     Friday 12/04:

    • DUE: Map of Colonial America
    • Slide show of colonial regions
    • Colonial sayings
    Week of Nov. 16
    Mon. 11/16:  
    • Tribe research papers returned. Revisions must follow guidelines attached to paper, and be in by 3:30 11/19. 
    • Begin new unit--Exploration of the Americas
     Week of Nov. 9 
    Mon. 11/09:
    • Update interactive notebooks: table of contents addition, unit title page, key terms, venn diagram 
    • Review for unit test on Tribes of the PNW
    • Late papers turned in today and Tues. are only penalized 20%
    Tues. 11/10:
    • Continue review for unit test: Finish and highlight venn diagram (Plateau v. Coastal culture)
    Thurs. 11/12: [Inflatables party and Limo rides---test postponed until Friday--keep studying!]
    Fri. 11/13:  Unit Test (40 points possible)
    Week of Nov.02 -- Conference, M-Th 10:30 release, reg ACT schedule Friday

    Monday 11/02:  [Conference Week -- periods 2 and 3]

    • Revise tribe research paper, based on Friday's editing. PRINT  and TURN IT IN!

    Tuesday 11/03: [Conference Week -- periods 4 and 5]

    • Revise tribe research paper, based on Friday's editing. PRINT  and TURN IT IN

    Wednesday 11/04:  [Conference Week -- periods 2 and 3] 

    • Form line coastal art: shapes, colors, uses
    • Make a form line drawing, following step-by-step directions

    Thursday 11/05:  [Conference Week -- periods 4 and 5] 

    • Form line coastal art: shapes, colors, uses
    • Make a form line drawing, following step-by-step directions
     Friday 11/06:  [ACT Day, all periods, 1:15 release] 
    • Read more of Ch. 3, coastal and plateau cultures
    • Review slides: The connection between environment and culture (coast and plateau)
    • Unit test next week (probably Thursday)


    Week of Oct.26

    Monday 10/26:

    • Create a google.doc, titled with the name of your tribe and report topic (see the outline on google.classroom page)
    • Write an INTRODUCTION paragraph (attention getter, name/region of tribe, thesis statement).
    • Continue writing 

    Tuesday 10/27:.

    • For each required supporting paragraph,write a TOPIC SENTENCE. Add the notes on that topic, followed by a parenthetical citation (see note-taking packet for directions and examples). Finally end each supporting paragraph with a closing sentence (comment on the information in your own words.)

    Wednesday 10/28:

             Tribe research:
    • Type notes into sub-topic paragraphs, following each fact/note with a parenthetical citation (your source's Name or "Title", in parentheses)
    • Add a brief CONCLUSION paragraph.

    Thursday 10/29:  "Outsiders Day"

    • At home, or in class, finish typing notes into sub-topic paragraphs, following each fact/note with a parenthetical citation.

    Friday 10/30:  [Schedule C -- 27 minute periods]

    • Peer Editing: constructive feedback and comments.
    • Refine and edit.
    •  Print final draft when ready, but by the end of period on Monday (per 2, 3) or Tuesday (per 4, 5).


    Week of Oct.19

    Monday 10/19:

    • Research topics assigned; note-taking packets distributed. Find credible, relevant sources of information. Take notes on one of the assigned subtopics. Always record/cite where info was found (source). Any note-worthy source of information must be added to the ongoing Works Cited doc.

    Tuesday 10/20:

    Tribe research:

    •  Find credible, relevant sources of information.
    •  Take notes on another one of the assigned subtopics.
    •  Always record/cite the source of your information. Add source to Works Cited doc.  (Author, article title, title of entire site/book/newspaper/magazine, who published it, when and where.)

    Wednesday 10/21:

    Tribe research:

    •  Find credible, relevant sources of information.
    •  Take notes on third assigned subtopic.
    •  Always record/cite the source of your information!

    Thursday 10/22:

    • LAST DAY of Tribal research: Use credible, relevant sources to take notes on the fourth and final subtopic. Cite sources!
    • Note-taking packet due tomorrow. Must have thorough notes on at least FOUR required sub-topics and show what sources they came from.

    Friday 10/23:

    •  * NOTE-PACKET DUE: Must have thorough notes on at least FOUR required sub-topics and show what sources they came from.
    • Format the Works Cited page, using MLA samples and guidelines provided. Alphabetize list. Show  this Works Cited doc to Mr. Joyce of Mrs. Mueller ("Share" it if there isn't enough time to show it to a teacher on-screen.)


    Week of Oct.12

    Monday 10/12:

    •  Using google.classroom, compare and contrast accounts of Columbus’s journeys.
    • Should we celebrate Columbus Day? Why does this question matter?

    Tuesday 10/13:

    • Examine and analyze how museum artifacts show environment’s affect on culture.
    • Pages 42-54 in textbook
    • Use back map as a resource

    Wednesday 10/14:

    • Library introduction to resources and research. Answer reflective questions on classroom.google.
    • Begin to research a specific, assigned tribe’s original environment.

    Thursday 10/15:

    •  Venn diagram “Compare and contrast how environment has affected two regions of Washington’s tribes” on classroom.google page.
    • View a model of how to respond to the Common Formative Assessment (CFA)

    Friday 10/16:

    • CFA - Describe the environment and geography of one of the cultural regions of Washington. Analyze how the environment affected the culture of the peoples living there. Be specific.
    • Answer and submit CFA response using classroom.google page.
    • “I used to think…, Now I think…”
     Week of Oct. 5

    Monday 10/05 :

    •  Geography Unit Test
    • Objective for next unit

    Tuesday 10/06 :

    • Read Ch. 3--"American Indians in the Pacific Northwest"

    Wednesday 10/07 :

    • Define key unit terms. Write two original sentences per term.

    Thursday 10/08 :

    • Final States Race.
    • Brief re-teach on geography. (Re-take next Monday.)
    • Story of the Nacirema culture.
    Friday 10/09 [ACT day] :
    •  Explore native artifacts, using textbook and website Infinite site.  (google.classroom) 

    Week of Sept. 28

    Monday 9/28 :

    •  Read chapter one in WA textbook-- "The Far Corner: Washington's Geography"
    • Study for next States Race (tomorrow)

    Tuesday 9/29 :

    • States Race #5 (summative grade)
    • Finish reading ch. one
    • Begin making WA map: rivers (Columbia, Snake, Okanogan, Spokane)

    Wednesday 9/30 :

    • Create map of Washington: major rivers, mountain peaks and ranges, cities, 5 regions; scale and compass rose
    • Slide show of WA's regions

    Thursday 10/01 :

    • States Race #6 (summative--quiz--grade)
    • Update interactive notebooks: table of contents, unit title page, 3 assignments, states graph
    Friday 10/02 [ACT day] :
    • States Race #7
    •  Review for Geography unit test (to be given Monday)

    Week of Sept. 21

    Monday 9/21:  
    • *Turn in self-questionnaire 
    •  Complete textbook scavenger hunt; correct and turn in.
    •  Read pages HT 8--9 in U.S. text (5 Themes of Geography)
    •  Start Geography Terms-to-Know. (20 terms/definitions)
    Tuesday 9/22:   
    • Continue Terms-to-Know.( Define and discuss.) 
    Wednesday 9/23: 
    • Online geography practice--games!
    • Use this link to go to doc with all the game web links:  bit.ly/1KyBCtf 
    • Prepare for Thursday's States Race--#4 
     Thursday 9/24:
    • States Race #4 (formative grade, 10 pts.)
    • Read pages HT 10--13 in U.S. text (how to read a map)
    • Map excercise (use laminated maps to answer questions) 
    Friday 9/25: 
    • "Where in the World...?" (find a location using given geography clues)
    • Another map exercise
    • U.S. Geography practice--online games  
    • *Study states--the next States Race (Tuesday) will be summative (a test grade)
    Week of Sept. 14
    Monday 9/14:
    • States Race #1--PRE-Test
    • Tips & Tricks for memorizing the states' location
    • * DUE:  Signed Expectations sheet (green) and video permission, spiral notebook 

    Tuesday 9/15:

    • Interactive Notebook:  prep spiral (rubric, cover page, #ing, States Race graph...)
    • States race study (practice sheets)
    • Sign-ups for volunteer classroom jobs (students)
    Wednesday 9/16:
    • States Race #2 (formative assessment)
    • History and symbolism of the U.S. flag;

    Thursday 9/17:
    • History and evolution of the Pledge of Allegiance.
    • Intro to Geography Unit:  Objective, terms-to-know
    Friday  9/18 [ACT day] :

    Week of Sept. 09

     Wednesday 9/09:  
    • Learn names
    • Classroom "tour" 
     Thursday 9/10:
    • Chromebook practices
    • Student passwords (Skyward, etc.)
    • Packet:  Letter from Mrs. Mueller & Mr. Joyce, Class Expectations, Video Permission (*Return forms, signed, by Monday)
    Friday 9/11:
    • No social studies classes (all homeroom and "ROCK walk")




    Week of

    Monday :


    Tuesday :

    Wednesday :

    Thursday :

    Friday [ACT day] :