March 27th & 28th, 2024
    The Senior Culminating Project shall consist of the student demonstrating both their learning competencies and preparation related to the State Learning Goals 3 and 4. For the purpose of this procedure, Learning Goals 3 & 4 are defined as:
    • Think analytically, logically and creatively, and integrate experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems.
    • Understand the importance of work and how performance, effort and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.
    To meet these goals, all students will:
    1. Complete 30 hours of community outreach during their high school experience. 
    2. During the Freshman year, students will, with instruction:
      1. Complete a career interest inventory to identify their strengths and weaknesses as related to their personal career goals.
      2. Create a High School and Beyond Plan.
      3. Create a résumé.
    3. Students will be led through a review of their High School and Beyond Plan on a yearly basis.
    4. During the SENIOR year, students will participate in a Senior Exit Interview Presentation before a panel consisting of a teacher, a community member and a student advocate. The process shall include:
      1. Submission of an up-to-date résumé.
      2. Submission of documentation of 30 hours of community outreach.
      3. Two-part Exit Interview:
        1. Student-led section where the student must use some form of visual aid representing their high school journey or pathway, and share their high school experiences as they relate to their High School and Beyond Plan.
        2. A panel led Q&A section where the student is asked pre-identified questions.
      4. The Senior Exit Interview Presentation will be scored using a Standards Based Scoring Rubric:
        1. If a student does not pass the résumé portion and does pass the Exit Interview, he/she may redo the résumé and will not be required to redo the Exit Interview.
        2. If a student does not pass either portion of the Exit Interview, they will be required to redo the entire Exit Interview.
    5. All sites will develop a process to ensure that all transfer, Running Start, and New Market students will have an opportunity to fulfill the Senior Culminating Project.