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    • Top 5 December Scholarships & More:
        • As the semester comes to an end and we look forward to winter break, there are going to be so many opportunities to help you take out the absolute minimum in student loans and find scholarships that not only help you pay for school, but also stand out as major accomplishments and indicators to colleges, grad schools and future employers. Applying for and winning scholarships tells all of the aforementioned that you are someone who is ambitious and proactive and always striving to better your situation.

    • BHHS Scholarship Bulletin





    • Ever wondered just how much of a difference high school students can make in their communities? In our 2022 scholarship program, our past winners have proven it can be profound. That’s why our 2023 Build A Better Future scholarship will also be a design thinking community improvement project based on the LAUNCH Cycle. We will award $10,000 to five new seniors, with the top recipient receiving an additional $5,000 grant to continue funding their project.


    • The Kelly Foundation of Washington is pleased to offer the Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship. High school seniors in the state of Washington are eligible. Applicants will be judged on citizenship, academic achievement, and financial need. All applications (with ALL attachments) must be postmarked by March 10, 2023.  Each award is worth $2,500 and winners will be notified in April. 

            Link to the 2022 Fillable Form (can type directly in the document, then print, and mail-in): 


            Link to the 2022 Manual Form (to print, then handwrite answers, and mail-in):


            Link to the Flyer: Ewing-C-Kelly-Scholarship-flyer