• Breakfast and Lunch Prices






    $ 2.25


    $ Free due to grant

     Adult $ 3.10



    $ 3.70

     Middle School

    $ 4.10

     High School

    $ 4.10


    $ 0.50

     Reduced K-3

    $ Free due to grant

     Reduced 4-12

    $ Free due to grant


    $ 5.30

    Meals served to children who qualify for reduced-price meals are available at no cost. If they only want milk, and not the school lunch, they will be charged $.50 for the milk.

    Example:  If a student brings their lunch from home and wants to get a milk to go with it, they will need to pay $.50 for the milk.

    Example:  If a student wants an extra milk to go with their meal, they will need to pay an additional $.50 for the extra milk                                                 

     The USDA allows school districts to choose to be on either a special meals program or a special milk program. Our district has chosen the special meals program - which also covers milk with the meal.