• tony

    Name: Tony Harris
    Room: C-5
    Position(s): 7th Science/Medical Detectives, Robotics
    Education/Teaching Background:   Azusa Pacific University B.A., M.A.; National Board Certified Teacher
    Mr. Harris taught in California starting in 2001 and has called TMS home since 2006. 
    Phone Number: 360-709-7575 (Due to teaching, email works best.)
    Classroom Communication Strategies: Skyward, Google Classroom (every lesson is posted here, often the same day)
    Periods 2, 4, 5, 6: Science/Medical Detectives
    Period 3: Robotics
    Greetings Students!  I am so excited to get to guide you through using the science and engineering practices this year.  We focus on the Next Generation Science Standards.  They're great!  For curriculum resources, we use Amplify, Project Lead the Way, and a bunch of extra lessons and labs that I've created or "borrowed" over the years.  Former students would probably say my classroom is a strict, fun place.  That sounds like an oxymoron, but usually it's perfect!  Occasionally, students and I might drive each other crazy, but they know I love 'em and I've got their backs.  If you are about to start my class, I look forward to meeting you!  If you're already one of my students, <air high five> let's get to work!  
    A little bit about me?  Sure...
    Favorite science topic: Tough to decide but I'd have to go with life science.  Everything is SO amazing!  Especially the human body.  It's incredible that 100 trillion cells can work so perfectly as a complex system to let us do all the awesome things we do!
    Favorite books: There's no way I can decide!  I go through a minimum of 50 audiobooks per year (thanks TRL system!).  Some great non-fiction I've listened to recently: all Bob Goff's books such as Love Does, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion, Outliers, Be Free or Die...  For fiction, I'm going through a bunch of Tom Clancy books again and love Clive Cussler books (especially the Isaac Bell series).  In middle school, my favorite was the Chronicles of Narnia.  
    Favorite hobbies: Most anything outdoors - hiking, camping, kayaking, etc.  Road trips and other travel.  I like the occasional movie, but prefer gaming (no, you may not have my Fortnite ID ;P).  Watching BHHS Wolves sporting events!
    Favorite sports: I'll watch any Seattle team.  I've been to the Seahawks, Sounders, Storm, and Mariners.  Sadly, no Kraken yet.  I personally like to play volleyball, spikeball, table tennis, and badmitten.  
    Favorite color:  Whatever color Mrs. Harris is wearing.  
    Favorite music:  I don't listen to too much music because I'm geeking out with audiobooks.  I like some music from just about any genre.  My Spotify right now is jammin' to some NF. Give me some 90's pop and I'll karaoke.  And I love it when my kids play piano...
    Favorite subject in middle school: Definitely not science!  It was my least favorite.  (I know, crazy right?!)  It was probably PE, then home ec (got to make cake!), then math.  Recess doesn't count, does it?