• Academic Support
    The Black Hills High School staff is committed to helping all students achieve academic success. As highly effective teachers, we are committed to providing the following for our students:
       • Rigorous standards with clearly defined student expectations for performance. 
       • Diverse and effective learning strategies.
       • Authentic instruction and meaningful assessments that help our students connect with the real world 
       • A comprehensive and rich school curriculum.
    While holding students to a higher level of performance, we also provide extensive support and intervention to students who are failing to meet academic success.
    The following resources or strategies should be considered:
       • Consult with the teacher on Late Start days or before or after school, depending on teacher availability. 
       • Identify the specific problem areas or assistance needed. Seek individualized help. 
       • Take advantage of the extended library hours or the Homework Center for quiet, focused study and computer access. 
       • Utilize tutorial assistance from peers, staff or an adult mentor. (Tutorial assistance is available from the math department afterschool.) 
       • Parent conferences.
       • E-mail or voicemail the teacher when questions arise. 
       • Establish a consistent time and place to complete homework. 
       • Maintain an organized, up to date assignment calendar and notebook. 
       • Carry around weekly or biweekly Progress Reports for teachers to sign. 
       • Enroll in an activity during the Activity Period that will provide academic support. 
       • Seek assistance from a LINK Crew member or another trustworthy peer. 
       • Seek assistance from the Reading Specialist, if appropriate. 
       • Enroll in the Boys & Girls Club program after school. 
       • Conduct a risk assessment to identify potential reasons for the student’s performance. 
       • Review the student’s academic records. If appropriate, modify the student’s schedule to include Level 1 English in grades 9, 10 and 11, Business math, General Science, Pathways Online classes or other classes that provide remedial assistance. 
       • Refer the student for special education testing, if appropriate 
       • If the student has also had any attendance or discipline referrals, the administrator will proceed with consequences and interventions strategies, including BECCA referrals, Saturday School or suspension. 
       • Implement an academic contract that specifically outlines the expectations for the student’s performance and the consequences if the student fails to improve his/her performance .
       • Reduce the student’s schedule to a partial day, providing more time to study and prepare. 
       • Consider alternative learning environments such as New Market Skills Center, Secondary Options or the GED program at SPSCC.