• Welcome to My Reality

    Name: Toni Hummel

    Room:  204

    2023-2024 English Courses

    • AP English Literature and Composition 

    • Pre-AP English 9 

    • Sophomore English

    Phone Number:  360-709-7884

    Email:  toni.hummel@tumwater.k12.wa.us  (Best way to reach me.)

    Student Hours:

    • PACK
    • During Swim Season: September - December email me for an appointment
    • January  - Jun: After School 2:10 - 2:40. 

    We are a Canvas Course:  Parents, please be advised that the student is responsible for knowing the agenda of the class.  To check the current class agenda, including assignments and due dates refer to Canvas Homepage (or when in class, the class white board) that is updated every Monday. Your student should have a planner - either old-school paper or digital (pictures work)- that they can share with you. 

    • STUDENTS Canvas
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        • Contact Hummel for help and class codes
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    We are an Humanities Course:

    General Syllabus

    AP Lit/ENG 111 Syllabus

    • The humanities entail the study of the human world and society from a analytical perspective. Students investigate humanity itself (hence the name), applying methods to help them understand literature, art, and the past, as well as human morality, culture, and values.
      • Issues that might, from a specific cultural viewpoint, be considered controversial, including depictions of nationalities, religions, ethnicities, dialects, gender, class, etc. are often represented in works of literature and informational texts. Fair representation of issues and peoples may occasionally include controversial(to some) material.
      • The best response to controversial language or ideas in a text might well be a question about the larger meaning, purpose, or overall effect of the language or idea in context. We will seek the larger meaning of a text or issue through thoughtful reading, research and discussion.
      • Students are not expected or asked to subscribe to any one specific set of cultural or political values, but are expected to have the maturity to analyze perspectives different from their own and to question the meaning, purpose, or effect of such content within the literary work as a whole(College Board CED).

    TSD Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Tumwater

    • AP Equity and Access Policy: College Board strongly encourages educators to make equitable access a guiding principle for their AP programs by giving all willing and academically prepared students the opportunity to participate in AP. We encourage the elimination of barriers that restrict access to AP for students from ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups that have been traditionally underrepresented. Schools should make every effort to ensure their AP classes reflect the diversity of their student population. College Board also believes that all students should have access to academically challenging coursework before they enroll in AP classes, which can prepare them for AP success. It is only through a commitment to equitable preparation and access that true equity and excellence can be achieved.

    Schedule 2023-2024

    • 1st  Period: Sophomore Eng
    • 2nd Period: Sophomore Eng
    • 3rd Period: Pre-APE 9
    • 4th Period: APE Lit & Comp
    • 5th Period: Pre-APE 9
    • 6th Period:Prep 
    • 7th Period: Homeroom

    Professional Biography:  

    • Endoursments
      • 4-12 English
      • 4-12 Social Studies
      • Middle School (general)
      • AP Literature and Composition
      • AP Language and Composition
      • College in the High School, English 111
    • Committies/Teams:
      • District and BHHS Equity Team
      • SLCC (Student Learning Curriculum Committee)
      • Reading and Writing CaAT (Curriculum and Assessment Team)
      • BHHS Site Team
    • Education: Portland State University
      • Masters of Education, August 2002
      • Bachelor of Arts, June 1999
        • English
        • Women’s Studies
          • Minor: Minority Studies