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    You are ready to do research.  Hopefully you are following a process like the Big 6!   Image result for Big 6 research model
    Check out this video to see if you are doing all of the steps: 
                                            Jennifer Wright 
     For a comprehensive "how-to" guide when you are doing research, check out this site: 
    After you have decided on your topic and have brainstormed some resources, you need to go and find them.  Don't go Internet fishing!  The following sites will enhance your research and information access experience.  These sites will provide you with information that you can trust, and hopefully will shorten the time you spend searching.  You will need user names and passwords for most of these sites.  Find them here.
                               Image result for ebscohost   Image result for proquest           Library / Library Databases                                                                   MyTRL                                             Rosen Teen Health & Wellness | Nashville Public Library               Image result for newspapers in education logo                                                                                                         
    Now you have located some information, and you need to record what you want to use, and give credit to the sources. Then you will need to put together a presentation.  Here are tools that will help you with those tasks.                                Image result for google tools          Image result for create-a-graph                                            Image result for easybib      Image result for zoterobib
    As you write, you may get stuck on grammar usage rules.  Use this site to get your answers!
                                                                                                             Image result for grammar monster
                                                                                                                            Grammar Monster
    Curriculum Links
    These are links to assist BMS students with curricular assignments.
    7th Grade CBA
    CBA Directions
    John Green gives you a crash course on the Crusades:
                                           John Green 
    8th Grade CBA
    John Green gives you a crash course on the Constitution: 
                                             John Green