• The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the form that the federal government, states, colleges, career schools and other organizations use to award financial aid. Submitting it is your key to accessing grants, scholarships, work-study programs and federal student loans.
    Completing the FAFSA is an important step for anyone making post-secondary education plans. But you should also know what other options are available and how much you can afford to borrow. Everything starts with the FAFSA. It only takes 30 minutes on average to complete when you’re prepared. 

    The first step in filling out the FAFSA is getting an FSA ID. This username-password combination will allow you to fill out the form online and access information about your financial aid for years to come, including looking up any student loans you have to repay after graduation. If you’re a dependent student, your parent or guardian will need his or her own FSA ID.
    Learn more and start your application by following the link below.
    What is the WASFA
    A person should complete the WASFA if they are undocumented or do not qualify for federal financial aid because of their immigration status. The WASFA can also be used in limited circumstances by other select applicants who cannot or choose not to file a FAFSA.
    People who complete a WASFA are applying only for state aid.  If you are eligible for federal aid, you should complete the FAFSA in order to maximize financial aid awards.
    Learn more about the WASFA  by following the link below.