700 Israel Road SW

    Tumwater, Washington  98501

    Ph:  (360) 709-7600           Fax:  (360) 709-7602         e-mail: tumwater.k12.wa.us


    PROFILE                                                                                        Fall, 2023





    Tumwater, a community of approximately 26,615, is located at the south end of Puget Sound.  Our closest neighbor, Olympia, the state capital, has a population of 56,510.  The Tumwater area is experiencing a steady growth in both population and business.  The primary employment sources are state government, education, and St. Peter Hospital.  There are two four-year colleges, one community college, nine comprehensive high schools, and three alternative high schools serving the overall community.



    Tumwater (from the Indian for “tumbling waters”) High School was established in September of 1961 with 350 students.  It is one of two comprehensive schools in Tumwater with the opening of Black Hills High School in the fall of 1997.  As of September 2023, Tumwater High School has a population of 1,144 students in grades 9-12.  This year the senior class of 2024 has 256 students.  The school year runs from September through the second week in June.


    Accreditation:  Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Washington.



    Career Resource Center, Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Peer Tutoring, School Psychologist, Special Education.



    Tumwater High School sponsors a broad program in interscholastic sports including varsity teams in 21 sports


    Clubs include: American Sign Language, D & D Club, Drama Club, Equestrian Club, FRESH, FBLA, GSA, Honor Society, HOSA Club, Key Club, Knowledge Bowl, Magic: The Gathering Club, Rifle Club, Skills USA, Social Equity Club, Technology Club (TSA), Esports Club (Gamers) Club, Window Panes (Writers), Women of Faith Club/Ignite Group, Tumwater Unified Club, Girls Who Code, Carfting Club, Men of Faith Club, Sports Medicine Club, Ski Club, Bunch of HIkers Club, and Young Life.



    Advanced Placement Program:  In 2023, 151 students sat for 194 exams in 13 subjects.

            Number of              Score           % Taking


                    24                           5                      15

                    39                           4                      25

                    60                           3                      39

                    55                           2                      36

                    16                           1                      10


    CLASS OF 2023

    Class size: 270 and 270 submitted a survey

    Average GPA:  3.178


                                    43%  entered 4 colleges

                                    32%  entered 2 year colleges

                                     3%  entered vocational schools

                                     3%  entered the military

                                    20%  entered the workforce



    Successful completion of a minimum of 44 classes at .50 credits each is equivalent to 24.00 credits including:


    8 English, 6 Social Studies (And meeting WA State History Requirement), 6 Mathematics, 4 Science,

    4 Physical Education and Health, 2 Fine Art,

    2 Occupational Education


    Total Required Credits:  24, 7-8 of which may be Electives.


    Must have credits in specific content area.  Must pass

    Reading and Writing SBA.  Must pass Math SBA.




    Business, English, Fine Arts, World Language,

    Culinary Arts, Industrial Arts, Mathematics,

    Music, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies.


    Honors or Advanced Placement classes are available in English, History, Math, and Science.  Also available are Accelerated Math and Science.


    Listing of Certain Courses

    Advanced Placements Courses Offered:                    

    • AP Calculus,        AP English Language
    • AP Biology           AP English Literature
    • AP World History
    • AP US History
    • AP US Government
    • AP Computer Science
    • Accelerated Physical Science
    • Accelerated Biology


    World Language Courses Offered:

    • American Sign Language I, II             
    • Spanish I, II



    New Market Vocational Skill Center:  Junior

    and senior students may choose to attend NMVSC where they can obtain training in one of fourteen vocational fields.


    Running Start:  Junior and Senior students may take classes at local community colleges provided they meet entrance requirements.  They receive both college and high school credit.


    Tech Prep:  Students may receive advanced placement, preferred enrollment status, and possible college credit for successfully completing certain classes offered at THS if they enroll in an articulated program at the local community college after graduation.



    Grades at THS are unweighted based on the conversion table below.

                 Letter Grade      Grade Point      Percentage

                            A                         4.0              93 – 100%  

                            A-                        3.7              90 – 92%

                            B+                       3.3              87 – 89%

                            B                         3.0              83 – 86%

                            B-                        2.7              80 – 82%

                            C+                       2.3              77 – 79%

                            C                         2.0              73 – 76%            

                            C-                        1.7              70 – 72%

                            D+                       1.3              67 – 69%

                            D                         1.0              60 – 66%

                            F                          0.0                0 – 59%

    Pass, credit/o credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and incompletes may be used, but will not count towards GPA calculation.  No A+ or D- grades are given.




    Zach Suderman                   Principal

    Marty Reid                          Asst. Principal

    Lisa Perreira                        Asst. Principal

    Jordan Stray                        Activities Director

    Jordan Magrath                   Athletics Director

    Heather Robinson               Registrar

    Betsy Anderson                  Counselor (A-F)

    Julie McBride                     Counselor (G-J)

    Hannah Middlebrook         Counselor (K-Q)

    Anna Bush                         Counselor (R-Z)

    Joy Lower                          Counselor - Support

    Sheri Reese                        Counseling Center Secretary

    Jill Bourgault                     Career Center Specialist