• Black Hills High School

    Physical Education Syllabus

    Teacher: Mr. Glock Email: kirk.glock@tumwater.k12.wa.us



    1. The ultimate purpose of any physical education and health program is to help all students gain the skills and knowledge to be physically active and healthy for a lifetime.

    2. Physical educators design physical activity experiences that are appropriate for students’ developmental levels.

    3. Physical education is a unique and important component of the total school program.

    4. Physical activity and physical education are not the same. Physical education focuses on the whole student, including cognitive and affective, as well as psychomotor aspects.

    5. The program goals for athletic, intramural and club programs are different from those of physical education programs.

    6. We want to create and sustain physically educated people that have the skills, behaviors, and attitudes to be healthy and fit throughout their lives. 


    BHHS defines a physically educated person as someone who:


    1. Can move correctly (0% of grade—feedback only): Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.


    1. Can train others and self (10% of grade): Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.


    1. Participates regularly (50% of grade): Participates regularly in physical activity at appropriate intensity level.


    1. Is fit or striving to be fit (0% of grade–feedback only): Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. May be assessed on approved district tests, and/or based on specific goals of the class. This standard will emphasize and encourage self-reflection from the student.


    1. Can play fairly (20% of grade): Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.


    1. Values physical education (20% of grade): Demonstration through participation in instant activity, preparedness (appropriate attire), and the choice to enjoy, be challenged, and engage in class opportunities. 



    This class is designed to enhance or maintain an appropriate and healthy standard of fitness, motor skills through these various activities, and behaviors that influence a positive environment, responsible and safe choices for self and others.  It is my goal that each of you will be able to utilize these activities as adults to supplement your personal wellness plan. You will improve or enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, and relaxation.


    Grading Policy: All grades will be calculated using the following grading scale:


    93-100 4.0 77-79.99 C+ 2.3           40-59.99   F   0

    90-92.99 A- 3.7 73-76.99 C 2.0

    87-89.99 B+ 3.3 70-72.99 C- 1.7 TA- Pass/Fail

    83-86.99 B 3.0 68-69.99 D+ 1.3 Peer Tutor- grade

    80-82.99 B- 2.7 60-67.99 D 1.0


    1. Clothing (Are you prepared each day?): Students are encouraged to have a COMPLETE change of clothes for activity each day. Athletic shoes, socks, shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweat shirt are expected. Dress each day for the weather conditions. Dress apparel must also follow guidelines of the school handbook. Four minutes will be allotted at the beginning and end of the period to dress during all of our units. 


    Considered unsafe: flip flops, slippers, cut off jeans, shorts over jeans, jean shorts, blankets, sandals, UGGs, boots, etc.  We cannot create a full list, the teacher will advise.


    1. Medical Excuses: If an illness or injury prevents a student from participating for one to three days, a written note from the parent or guardian is required. Appropriate modifications will be made for students to participate in class for notes and medical excuses. A written doctor’s excuse is required after three days. Extended absences for medical reasons will be dealt with individually. 


    1. Make-Up Work: Each student is responsible for making up missed assignments, work, and assessments if not in class. 1st communicate with teacher prior and/or after absence, 2nd arrange appropriate time and duties to make up missed information/work. PACK time, after school, and other time outside of class may be agreed upon options. 


    1. Class Rules: Respect self, respect others, & respect the space and equipment we use.


    1. Locker-room: One small locker in the physical education locker room will be assigned to each student. During class, the lock should be placed on the locker with all belongings locked inside. Students are expected to provide their own lock. To keep your belongings safe, do not share your locker space or access with other students. Once class begins, students will not be allowed back into the locker room without permission from the teacher. Valuable belongings (jewelry, purses, and wallets) must be locked in a locker during class. The physical education staff will not be responsible for lost stolen articles. Students are to remain in the locker room or hallway until the bell rings and will then be able to attend the next class. 


    1. TECH FREE ZONE: CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CLASS OR IN THE LOCKER ROOMS.  IPODS are only permitted on designated days established by the teacher.  It is not appropriate to be plugged in while the teacher is instructing or during activities other than running. Wearing earbuds, and/or bringing in wireless speakers will not be permitted.  

    2. FOOD and BEVERAGE…….not permitted.  Water is available in nearly all of our areas.

    3. 10/10 Students are not permitted to use the restroom or any other reason to leave class the first ten minutes of class and the final ten minutes of class (unless they have IEP, medical recommendation, early dismissal note).


    1. Students are considered TARDY when the classroom’s door is shut and locked. Students will need to check in with the attendance secretary to receive a pass back to class. Tardies will be monitored as per student handbook.


    1. PARTICIPATION: We expect all students to actively participate in class. Students are listening, moving, and engaging in all activities with intent; as per directions by the teacher. Also refer to the Pyramid of Active Participation and Active Listening charts (walls of each gym--teacher will review). 

    Instant Activity - Before class starts, students are expected to participate in the directed activity. Eg. If the instant activity lists jogging the corners. Upon arrival, the teacher should observe all students jogging the corners. This will be assessed in I value PE.   


    Fitness Activity – Students are challenged to meet and/or exceed the goal of the fitness activity. We ask that students challenge their fitness (overload and intensity application) while also participating to meet the needs of their fitness making modifications if necessary (equipment, activity, and range of movement).


    LOOKS LIKE…..elevated heart rate, out of breath, sweating, it’s uncomfortable, fatiguing, challenging!


    DOES NOT LOOK LIKE…..faking the movements, walking below 3/4 mph (according to students fitness level), sitting, laying, standing, talking with friends, etc.



    PE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Graduation Requirements 1.5 credits PE


    Freshmen PE (.50 credits)

    Freshmen PE is a one-semester course that will provide each student with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to enhance their physical fitness. This course will offer a variety of team, cooperative, lifetime, recreational, outdoor, and fitness activities. Training methodologies, biomechanical principles, fitness testing, goal-setting, and other related discussions will be addressed. Sportsmanship is emphasized in the freshmen year. I AM FIT, I CAN TRAIN MYSELF, I CAN MOVE CORRECTLY, I CAN PLAY FAIRLY, and I VALUE PE!



    State Standards http://www.k12.wa.us/HealthFitness/default.asp

    National Standards http://www.shapeamerica.org/standards/pe/  

    Physical Education Checklist- 


    Please review and understand the expectations. We need you to respect and follow the expectations so you can be successful. Place a check next to each item after you read/understand. Provide required signatures and return.

    Thank you for your time.


    • unchecked

      I will dress down in appropriate and safe athletic clothes each day.

    • unchecked

      I will provide myself with my own lock so I can lock up my belongings during class (if and when a locker room is available).

    • unchecked

      I will bring water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and/or other items to be able to manage my own needs. 

    • unchecked

      I will NOT bring my cell phone to class. I will not listen to music on any personal device while in class.  No Cell Phones - No Ear Buds - NO Portable Speakers.

    • unchecked

      My backpack will be stored in the locker room or assigned location.

    • unchecked

      If I am injured for more than three days, I will bring a medical note sharing modifications that need to be met.

    • unchecked

      I will stay in the locker room/gym hallway until the bell rings (I am not leaving early).

    • unchecked

      I can always make up my absences and assignments/assessments during PACK time.

    • unchecked

      I will get a daily grade on level of exertion, participation, and demonstration of engagement. 

    • unchecked

      I also understand I may receive a weekly grade on sportspersonship (SOTG), fitness, skills, and knowledge.

    • unchecked

      If I use a district approved inhaler, I will bring it to class and give it to the teacher so I can have easy access.


    Other Pertinent Medical Information I need to know: 




    Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________________________________________


    Student Signature:_____________________________________________________________