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Swim Statement: We are not a well known sport at Tumwater, but I have been coaching here for over 30 years.  We always have great swimmers and divers that make it to State each year.  We have never been lower than 3rd place at Districts, which covers from Aberdeen, all the way down to Vancouver.  Girls get in shape, learn new things and become serious swimmers. By the time they have one season under their belt, they could be a lifeguard anywhere. We take beginners in both swim and dive, just can’t be afraid of the water.

I ask them to commit for the season, which is from August 21 to November 3&4 and that is the district date, State is after that. We are a team sport but also an individual sport, if you work hard , a swimmer or diver can be a beginner at the beginning of the season and by the end make it to districts and maybe even State, happens every year.

Dive Statement: If you are looking for a new sport that will challenge you physically and mentally?  Join THS Dive. No previous experience is necessary. We start from basic beginning drills and move on only when mastered.  After basics then courage and willingness to fly and flip through the air and land in water are the next progression.Dive is a tight knit community that fosters sportsmanship, support, and teamwork as they are part of the THS Swim and Dive Team!