• 2023-24 Tumwater School District

    Inclement Weather/Emergency Closure or Delay Procedure

    For Staff

    Sometimes, during the school year, we experience inclement weather that causes our schools to close or have schedule changes. In considering these types of closures, the safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and families is a priority.

    When such a decision is made, families will be notified by an automated phone call, email, and/or text. We will announce closures and delays as early as possible, but not later than 6:00 am. Occasionally, circumstances change quickly that make late announcements unavoidable.

    Guidelines for Staff in Inclement Weather Conditions

    Inclement Weather Options:
    1.    No School – School may be closed due to widespread power outages, unexpected storms or other weather events that make operating schools impractical. Information about activities planned for the day will be announced by 12 pm on the district website.
    •    District Office administrators, support staff, and Buildings & Grounds employees, as well as the supervisors of Transportation and Food Services, report to sites as normal if safe to do so.
    •    Site administrators will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to report to their sites. All administrators should communicate their decision when calls are made.
    2.   Late Start – No Preschool, no AM New Market Skills Center
    •    Employees working on-site should report to their site at regular time, if safe to do so.
    •    Building administrators have the flexibility to process safety issues with their employees.
    •    If an employee believes there is a safety issue involved (ie: lives 30 miles away and roads are extremely bad) he/she may choose to take appropriate leave as provided by contracts.

    3.    A.C.T. Days- These days are impacted by Late Start. If weather causes a late start on a Friday A.C.T. day, students will be released at the regularly scheduled time. There will be no early release for teacher collaboration.
    4.    Early Dismissal – No Preschool, No PM New Market Skills Center
    •    Building administrators should work with staff to determine when on-site staff leaves. Parameters to consider:
    -    All students being served on-site have left or are accounted for;
    -    Safety, health and welfare of staff are taken into consideration
    5.    Limited Transportation/Emergency Routes: Limited transportation will be necessary if some roads are inaccessible or if the County announces road closures. If we need to run emergency routes, you will receive notice and can find emergency routes on our district website.