• Syllabus 2022-23

    Posted by Joe Derrig on 9/6/2022

    Marketing – Intro and Advanced


    Our curriculum defines Marketing as:

    The enterprise and pursuit of ideation, creation, communication, and delivery of profitable products and services to targeted customers for their benefit and for the benefit of society as a whole.

    And the Marketing Concept as:

    “To analyze and identify the needs and wants of customers, build products, solutions and strategies to satisfy those needs and wants, better and more effectively than its competitors, and to achieve the goals of the organization itself.

    In the course of this year, we will explore much of what Marketing is, but because it is such an all-inclusive part of business and the economy I can’t in good conscious claim this to be a “complete” course on all that is Marketing.

    This year we will be using BusinessU.org an online program that includes videos, text, concept challenges, Marketing glossary, projects, quizzes and exams. We will work together to discover the world of Marketing.

    A big part of marketing class is being involved with DECA. Through DECA all members have the opportunity to explore and compete in several areas which make up the scope of Marketing. Membership in DECA is part of this class. And competing at the regional level will be part of your first semester grade.

    The expectation for Marketing class is that everyone joins in and participates. That the concepts presented are viewed with an open mind, and a positive attitude. Be part of the discussion in some way.


    • Pen or pencil, a notebook or paper.
    • Charged Chromebook.

    Guidelines for Success:

    • Attendance – you are expected to be in your assigned seat ready to participate with ENTHUSIASM when the bell rings.
    • Sit in your assigned seat – attendance will be taken based on the seating chart.
    • Work cooperatively and respectfully with your peers and teachers as a team. Respect equipment, materials and supplies.
    • Treat guest speakers and teachers with respect.
    • You are responsible for obtaining all make up work. All assignments will be posted weekly on the white board as well as in your Google Drive account.
    • Use appropriate language at all times.
    • Electronic devices are not to be SEEN or HEARD during class time. Please see “Personal Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy” (attached).
    • Do your own work. Cheating will result in a failing grade (a “0”) for that task.

    Grading Categories

    90%        Assessments/Tests/Projects (ATP)

                    Included with ATP are: Business Work Habits (21st Century Skills)

    10%        Daily Work/Homework: the practice needed to master and succeed at ATP


    Grading (Use Skyward Family Access to check your grades often)

    • A 93-100
    • A- 90-92
    • B+ 87-89
    • B 83-86
    • B- 80-82
    • C+ 77-79
    • C 73-76
    • C- 70-72
    • D+ 67-69
    • D 60-66
    • F 0-59

    This grading scale is subject to adjustment as directed by the Tumwater School Board.

    This is a project-based class. In class, much of what you learn will be from demonstrations, activities, and projects, as well as assignments and tests. If you are not in class, this learning cannot happen. Therefore, attendance is a must and attention/participation will have an impact on your final grade.

    Daily Work, Projects and Tests

    Point values (ranging from 5 to 100) for assignments and assessments vary based on the formative or summative nature of the task. Watch the overhead, white board, teacher web page and/or written rubrics for assignment details, points possible, and due dates. It is extremely important that you have regular attendance and that you arrive to class on time to ensure that you don’t miss out on demonstrations, directions, and lab time.

    When absent you will miss something and you will need to make up what you missed. Your teacher will explain how you find out what you missed during your absence(s).

    Students, who do not keyboard quickly, will need outside of class time to complete assignments.

    Late Work/Make-up Work

    The expectation is that all work will be turned in on time. However, it is understood that this is not always possible. The goal is to help you be successful and I will work with you to allow you to complete your work for this class, however, you need to make an effort in class and outside of class when needed. Remember to talk to your teacher. Assessment make-up and re-try are only possible when all daily work has been completed (within two weeks of the initial assessment).

    Leadership/Employability Skills (21st Century Skills)

    Throughout the class period, your teacher will observe your ability to begin assignments quickly; follow directions; stay on task; arrive on time; keep your material organized; assist others; cleanup your work area and other traits as indicated on the Leadership/Employability skills handout. The purpose of this is to practice “soft skills” that are vital to developing workplace skills. Leadership is an integral part of all CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses, and we encourage students to continue building upon the skills learned in class by participating in the CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization). One such option at Black Hills High School is DECA an international association of high school students of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and services. If there are barriers to being able to join DECA, see your teacher.

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  • Welcome

    Posted by Joe Derrig on 8/21/2022

    Welcome to Marketing. I am looking forward to an exciting year exploring all about Marketing. Learning through DECA and the leadership and competition opportunities they offer. 

    More to come. I will post the syllabus here along with classroom expectations. 

    Go Wolves!


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