• A Timeline of Our Work


    August:  All district staff begin a series of trainings in Cultural Competence, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion developed by ESD 113 and Potential Unlimited with a three-hour training led by Jahmad Canley, Potential Unlimited’s CEO.


    Aug – Oct:  Partnered with PSESD Equity in Education Team to provide a 6 week Coaching & Leading for Racial Equity Institute for AD Council.

    Aug - Sep:  TSD School Board training to operationalize TSD’s Equity Policy w/ PSESD Equity Team. Also, the TSD School Board and the Tumwater City Council met to learn together about leading racial equity work.

    Sep:           BHHS Student Equity Team formed 

    Nov - Dec:  Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) formed. PSESD Equity Team facilitate meetings to build a foundation for partnering in support of racial and educational equity.

    Jan – Present:  EAC meets to learn and identify district needs/action steps to improve equity.

    Jan – Jun:   Schools identify building teams to lead building-level equity work.

    Apr:            EAC identified need for staff training to ensure consistent intervention when biased language/behavior is used at school. 550 staff members receive Speak Up at School/HIB training. District commits to extending this training to all staff who work with students and to provide ongoing support.


    Aug:           Sean Dotson keynote at Tumwater U on Discipline Disproportionality and the need for work to reduce use of exclusionary discipline.

    Oct:            Dr. Hollins assemblies at BHHS, THS, BMS, TMS on creating inclusive schools for all students (micro-aggressions, creating a welcoming environment, supporting students who experience harassment/discrimination. 

    Oct - Mar:   Three District ACT Days dedicated to continuing Cultural Competence Training using materials provided by Dr. Hollins (4 sessions were planned, but the last session was cancelled due to COVID crisis response/lockdown)

    Feb:            SLCC trained to lead Speak Up at School Training for staff to respond to incidents of biased language/behavior (Trainings not completed due to the pandemic)

    Jun:            TSD School Board identifies Equity as top priority in review and prioritization of strategic plan goals in light of the pandemic.

    Jul:             District Thoughtexchange and call for volunteers to create an Equity Advisory Committee. Question: As we form a district-wide team to improve educational and racial equity in our district, what are the most important things we should consider as priorities and actions steps for our work? 


    Aug:            Dr. Hollins keynote and kick off at Tumwater U

    Aug - Jun:    Dr. Hollins Leads Cultural Competence Training Series during District ACT Time using Trainer of Trainer Model w/ SLCC members leading building trainings. 

    Dec:            School Board adopts Policy 3212 – Ensuring Educational Equity 


    Aug:            Cultural Competence professional development offered at Tumwater U

    Aug - Jun:    Cultural Competence Training Series for school and district leaders

    Sep:            Partnership with CIELO, Together! and area professionals to host parent nights focused on immigration concerns and related information.

    Nov:            Confederate flag incident prompts increased focus on equity and cultural competence.

    Dec:            Focus Group Discussion with Thurston County Black Alliance & US History Teachers RE: Civil War Materials, Approaches, and Perspectives

    Jan - Jun:    Dr. Karen Johnson hired to consult with district: Needs Assessment with District Administrative Council…What is currently in place? What are we missing?

    School Board Workshops focused on Cultural Competence & Policy Planning

    Book Study: Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People

    Feb:            THS Multicultural Awareness Club (now the Social Equity Club) formed to support student voice/involvement

    Mar:            Board begins to develop Equity Policy and discuss Strategic Planning Alignment

    May:            Stakeholder Input Staff Meetings, Community Forums, and Equity Survey conducted regarding development of Educational Equity Policy