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     COVID-19 Dashboard  

    In an effort to keep our school community informed, this dashboard provides weekly information regarding close contact/quarantines and COVID-19 cases in our schools. Beginning October 8, 2021, the table shows:

    • Positive COVID-19 cases in Tumwater schools for the past week (table will be updated on Friday evening of each week).
    • Current number of close contacts to confirmed positive cases among district staff or students that have been quarantined following Thurston County Public Health Department Pathways.
    • Number of students enrolled in each school.

    Click this link to see the District's Safe Start Plan, which includes the most current Thurston County Public Health Department's Student and Employee Communication Pathways.

    This table is best viewed on a laptop or monitor.

    (Starting October 8th - this table will be updated each Friday evening to reflect the previous week's data.)