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    Follow Your Child's Bus - Edulog Parent Portal Lite  

    Starting the week of September 20th, our school district will begin using a smartphone app to improve communication, school bus safety, and efficiency. The Edulog Parent Portal Lite app provides you with information on the GPS location of your child’s school bus and sends you a push notification when the bus is nearing your bus stop or other locations that you define – such as the school or neighborhood entrance.

    This app is free of charge to our parents, caregivers, and students. In addition to displaying the location of your bus and sending the notifications, you can also receive time-sensitive messages from our transportation department, such as when a different bus is running the route due to scheduled maintenance on your regular bus.

    School bus locations are sent from a GPS device installed on each bus which not only provides up-to-date information for you but also for our school bus maintenance staff who need to know the real-time location of each bus for maintenance and other service requirements. 

    Security is important.  In order to access bus locations in the app, you must have a specific district code that is available through your child’s school.  Also, no student-specific information is transmitted or stored in the app. 

    Please know that our goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all Tumwater School District children riding the school bus. By improving communication and expanding the information available to you by implementing this app, we are working hard to meet and hope to exceed that goal.

    Additional information about using Edulog Parent Portal Lite is available on the links on the left-hand side of the page.

    If you have additional questions regarding the app, please contact our Transportation Department at 360-709-7000.

    The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or by pointing your smartphone camera at this QR code. You will need a district login/access code (8 digits) to create your account. The district Edulog code can be found on the flyer that was sent home with your child. If you do not have that, you can contact the Transportation Department or your child's school office.    

    View this YouTube video on how to get started. 


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