• 2021 - 2022 Program review

    We are committed to serving the academic and affective needs of all students and strives to ensure alignment between services and students.  Our district offers a highly capable program which provides selected kindergarten through twelfth-grade students access to basic education program that accelerates learning and enhances instruction. A highly capable student is one who has been shown to have superior cognitive abilities, specific academic achievement, or exceptional creativity.

    In the coming school year, Tumwater School District is convening a steering committee who will offer perspective, expertise, time, and commitment to reviewing the current services. The goal of this work will be to address any areas of concern and suggest strategies and opportunities to better support student potential.

    Steering committee members should be knowledgeable, committed individuals who are interested in volunteering their time to support the district’s gifted education services.  Some expectations include

    ·       Attending monthly meetings between August and January (may be virtual or in person)

    ·       Reviewing documentation outside of meetings to prepare for discussions

    ·       Offering insight and perspective on proposals.

    This committee should be comprised of stakeholders representative of diversity of our district, including, but not limited to professional staff, guardians, and administrators (building and district). If you would like to be considered as a participant for this committee, please complete this contact form no later than July 31, 2021. Selected members will be notified by the beginning of August 2021. Applicants who are not selected for the steering committee will be invited to participate in focus groups throughout the Fall so that their input is included.