• New Staff Technology


    The Tumwater School District Technology department provides Information Technology services throughout the district.  Our goal is to provide a high level of customer service and assist with the use of technology in education.
    Tumwater School District believes technology exists as a powerful, essential tool in the education process and prepares all members of the learning community for success.

    Our learning environment integrates technology throughout the curriculum allowing learners to access, evaluate, and communicate information to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

      Step 1 (Email)

      •  Login to Outlook

        Accessing Outlook on a school computer:

        1. When you are logged onto a computer within the Tumwater School District using your user account credentials, look for and select the Microsoft Outlook Icon 
        2. As the application will be populated with the email of the user account who is logged into the computer > select “Connect”
        3. Choose account type off “Exchange”
        4. Enter the password you used to log into the computer
        5. After the account setup process is complete select “Ok”

        Accessing Outlook from a home/personal computer:

        1. Using a home computer navigate to the following web address: https://outlook.office.com/mail/
        2. Enter the same username and password used to log into your school computer 
        3. Default language will be set as English 
        4. Select the Pacific Time as the Time Zone > Save

      Step 2 (Google Account)

      • Login to Google

        Google Icon

        Login to Google:

        1. Sign into Google here
        2. Enter your full Tumwater School District email address
        3. Enter your default Google password previously provided to you in email
        4.  Change your password as soon as you access the account

      Step 3 (Telephone)

      • Telephone Setup

        Telephone Setup: 

        1. To access voicemail from internally select the ‘message’ key on your phone or dial extension 7097
          1. To access your voicemail from outside of the district dial (360)709-7097
        2. Enter the last four of your extension followed by the pound sign
        3. Enter default password provided in the email sent
        4. The first prompt will allow you to record your name which is then set at the default greeting others will hear when a call goes to voicemail
          1. Follow the telephone prompts to record your name
        5. Once in the voicemail system select ‘5’ to Access Personal Options then press 4 to change your personal password
          1. It is important to change your personal password from the default provided password established initially

      Step 4 (Skyward)

      • Skyward

        Skyward Access:

        1. Launch your internet browser and navigate to the following site: TSD Skyward Access
        2. Skyward is managed by the Student Learning Department, username and password is provided to Staff via email
          1. If you have questions or concerns related to Skyward please reach out to Student Learning Department (360)709-7030

      Step 5 (Schoolwires)

      • Schoolwires

        For Certificated Teachers and Office Staff who will manage the school’s website using Schoolwires you will need to login to the Tumwater School District website to establish your acccount. Please use the information below to complete this process.

        Login to Schoolwires (TSD website):

        1. In the top right corner of the Tumwater School District home page select “Sign In”
        2. Enter your username and password:
          1. USERNAME: firstname.lastname (do not include your full email address)
          2. PASSWORD: password used to logon to your computer
        3. The initial login is all that is needed at this time. Please email helpdesk@tumwater.k12.wa.us to let our technology department know that you have completed the initial login so that your account can be provided with the additional security access as needed. Additional resources for editing your scchools website can be found in our Tutorials & Guides section

      What To Do Next

      • Now that you're up and running as a new staff member, check out our tutorials and guides page. 

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