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    FBLA is the oldest and largest national organization for students preparing for careers in business. FBLA prepares students for “real world” professional experiences. Members gain the competitive edge for college and career successes. More than a quarter of a million students participate in this dynamic leadership organization.


    FBLA will provide you with:

    • Travel opportunities
    • Challenging competitions
    • Scholarships and prizes
    • Leadership development
    • Community service experience
    • Friendship and fun
    Members have the opportunity to compete for awards and recognition on the local, state, and national levels in more than 50 different event categories including Web site development, marketing, business math, public speaking, job interview, network design, and many more!


    Become a leader in your school, state, or country when you become an officer.  Learn to lead!  Develop friendships! Earn recognition!  All of these adventures and more await you when you become a member of FBLA.




    If you are interested in getting involved in FBLA, fill out an Application and return it to Ms. Knight or Arne Jensen.  If you are ready to pay the fee required to attend all conferences, except the Fall Conference, attach the receipt to the application first. Membership Dues are $20 if paid by TBA to the ASB Office.  Parents need to make checks payable to THS.
    2018-2019 OFFICERS
    President:  Brandon Huyck
    Vice President/Secretary:  
    Many of you believe that joining FBLA will help you with college.  You recognize the importance of being involved in activities beyond your academic classes and that FBLA is well known for its rigor and leadership.  One way to show that you are an involved member of Tumwater's FBLA Chapter is to participate in the BAA (Business Achievement Awards) program offered through the National FBLA Office.  You will be introduced to the four levels of the BAA program at a future meeting.  To begin working on the BAA you need to fill out your membership application through our local chapter so that the adviser, Ms. Knight can register you for a username and password to access the on-line program.  To learn more about this program check out the BAA Overview at www.fbla-pbl.org or by clicking the link below in the "Helpful Documents" section. 
    MEETING MINUTES 2018-2019
    To make espresso and other drinks for our fundrasing, you need a current Thurston County Food Handler's Card. 
    Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Regional Competition Award Winners!
    Congratulations to our 2014-2015 State Leadership Conference Award Winners!
    The following state winners, traveled to National competition in Chicago, IL.  Even though they did not place in their competitions, they represented Tumwater proudly! 
    Agribusiness--2nd Place for Christina Kohlmann
    Electronic Career Portfolio--5th Place for Christina Kohlmann
    Parlimentary Procedure--4th Place for Emma Snodgrass 
    Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Capital Region Award Winners!
    Public Speaking II (Juniors/Seniors Only)--1st Place for Senior, Christina Kohlmann
    Job Interivew--1st Place for Christina Kohlmann
    Agribusiness--3rd Place for Christina Kohlmann 
    Graphic Design--2nd Place for Senior, Kyle Teeter
    Personal Finance--5th Place for Kyle Teeter
    Entrepreneurship Team--4th Place for Kyle Teeter and Sophomore, Rachel Heinselmann 
    Client Service--3rd Place for Senior, Whitney Thom
    Public Speaking I--5th Place for Sophomore, Emma Snodgrass 
    Word Processing--4th Place for Rachel Heinselman
    Help Desk--3rd Place for Freshman, Kyle Espindola
    Sales Presentation--2nd Place for Freshman, Carly Myers 
    Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Capital Region Award Winners. 
    Business Ethics TeamEvent—2nd Place

    Joseph Koh

    Bristen Hubbs

    Client Service—4thPlace

    Whittney Thom

    Desktop PublishingTeam—1st Place

    Moraelin Schlenker

    Allyson Reynolds


    Digital Design and Promotion—3rd Place

    Moraelin Schlenker 

    Digital Design and PromotionTeam—5th Place

    Mikayla Bentow

    Halie Buckingham 

    Digital VideoProduction Team—1st Place

    Kenzie Crawford

    Mikayla Bentow
    Halie Buckingham 

    Entrepreneurship Team—4th Place


    Joseph Koh

    Jeshurun Roach 

    Graphic Design, 1stPlace

    Moraelin Schlenker 

    Job Interview—1stPlace

    Christina Kohlmann 

    Job Interview—4thPlace

    Benjamin Donan 

    SpreadsheetApplications—1st Place

    Sheldon Corcoran 

    Web Design—1stPlace

    Sheldon Corcoran 

    Web Design—2ndPlace

    Moraelin Schlenker 


    Congratulations to our 2012-2013 State Competitive Events Winners! 
    Desktop Publishing Team of Moraelin Schlenker and Allyson Reynolds Placed 2nd.
    Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Regional Competitive Events Winners! 

    Christina Kohlmann:

    1st Place, Job Interview
    2nd Place, Public Speaking
    Moraelin Schlenker:
    2nd Place, Graphic Design
    2nd Place, Digital Design and Promotion
    Kylie Otton:
    3rd Place, Graphic Design
    Global Business Team:
    3rd Place, Fredy Medrano, Julia Yoon, Kyle Mills
    Desktop Publishing Teams:
    1st Place, Moraelin Schlenker and Alllyson Reynolds
    3rd Place, Whittney Thom and Kylie Otton
    4th Place, Mikayla Bentow and Halie Buckingham