Who:                 All Black Hills Student Body, male and female 9th grade through 12th.

    When:              Open Mats: (Optional)Tues, Thurs and Sundays @ 6:00 –8:00 PM

      Twin City Wrestling Club (USA Card Required)

      123 Habein Rd, Chehalis, WA

    First Practice:                  

    Weight Cert:                                                 

    Where:            Black Hills High School Wrestling Room               

    Why:                 To build mentally and physically strong leaders through goal setting, practices and competitions across the state of Washington for Black Hills High School through the “World’s Oldest and Greatest Sport”, Wrestling.


    What’s needed?    

    1)   Physical, Medical Insurance, Concussion Form, $85 pay to play fee, Personal Information & A.S.B. Card 

    2)  Wrestling Shoes, Headgear, Workout gear (Shorts and T-Shirt) 

    3)  Positive Attitude and willingness to work hard and have fun.


    Facts about Wrestling:


                Wrestling is a unique sport in combining physical conditioning along with mental discipline. 

                Wrestling is a family community and supports each other through the sport. 

                Wrestling is a great way to get into “the best shape of your life”. 

                Wrestling is a form of self defense and is a great benefit to self protection outside of sports. 

                The 12.5 % of the NFL Football players, like Ray Lewis, currently have a wrestling background. 

                16 United States Presidents have been wrestlers. 

                Wrestling naturally burns high calories causing the body to become healthy, strong and toned.

                Wrestling teaches proper diet and nutrition habits to maintain a strong healthy body and mind. 

                There is no greater feeling than having your hand held up after you have won a match. 

                Size doesn’t matter.  You get to wrestle people your weight and even 1st years have success. 

                Wrestlers bond to each other.  Once you've wrestled you have instant respect in the community. 

                Wrestling has a history of multiple sport athlete success professionally in UFC and the NFL. 

                Wrestling builds strong leadership skills, self-confidence and mental/physical strength. 

                Wrestling improves skills/balance/toughness for other sports like football, baseball and track. 

                BHHS has a long history of success including a 4 time state champion!


    Any Questions, contact Coach Dick