• Mr. Houk

    Contact Information

    eMail: aaron.houk@tumwater.k12.wa.us

    Phone:  360-709-7846

    Classroom:  Building A, Room 74

    The best way to get in touch with me is by email.  I am able to respond much more rapidly to email than I am to other methods.









    23/24 Schedule

    1. -- Planning Period --
    2. Marketing
    3. Visual Communications
    4. Marketing
    5. Video Production & Pack-TV
    6. Visual Communications

    Club Advisor

    TSA (Technology Student Association)


    About Me

    In my free time I love to visit our national parks and go hiking.  This past summer, I visited Olympic National Park twice.  Once to hike Mount Storm King, as well as a four-day backpacking trip into Grand Valley.  I also met up with my brother at Yosemite National Park in June for three days of hiking and catching up.  I have a goal to visit all 63 of our national parks, as well as many of our national sites and monuments.

    I place a high value on family time, and can usually be found doing things with them outside of school.  My oldest son graduated from Oregon State University several years ago and is now working for the Washington Department of Ecology.  My youngest son is in the marching band at the University of Oregon, so my wife and I have season tickets to football games and regularly go watch him perform.  As a bonus, my parents live in Eugene, so we get to visit them quite a bit in the fall.  My wife has a goal to visit all 50 states.  Last summer we took a family trip through Chicago, Pittsburg, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.


    Professionally Speaking... 

    I attended Linfield College and Oregon State University from 1992 to 1996, taking a wide variety of classes that interested me but without specific direction towards graduation.  After a break from college to work in law enforcement, I returned and earned a degree in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University in 2004.  A couple years later, I returned to Eastern Oregon University where I earned my masters degree and teaching certificate.  I began my teaching career in 2007, and am excited to be at my last stop.