What do I do if my student has to be absent?

    To report an absence, as usual, contact the student’s school attendance phone line at (360)709-7412
    If you do not call the school and report the reason then the absence will default to unexcused.  In addition to the valid excuses for absences listed in TSD's Attendance Policy, 2020-21 emergency attendance rules add the following reasons for excused absence during Covid circumstances: 

    • Ill family member 
    • Lack of access to necessary instructional tools 
    • Parents’ work schedule 
    • Student’s obligations to family 

    How will students get missed lessons due to illness?

    Your student will be able to make up any missed assignments following an excused absence as before.  Communication between home and teacher before, during, and/or after an absence will ensure that your student receives any missed lessons.  Often teachers record live instruction so that students may access asynchronously the content that was covered by the teacher.  Your student’s teacher will be able to explain how to make up missed instruction and/or assignments.

    What are attendance expectations and how are truancy issues addressed?

    Daily attendance continues to be the expectation for 100% remote, hybrid, and on-site learning.  Attendance requirements are created by state law and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  Additionally, all timelines and policies related to attendance and truancy remain the same.  Schools will monitor each student's attendance and work in partnership with families to address barriers to regular attendance.  Absences for 2020-2021 will be tracked beginning 10/5/20 to give families/students/teachers time to adjust to our new remote learning environment.