• McGowan at Staircase

    Instructor: Traci McGowan
    Email: traci.mcgowan@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    School Phone: 360.709.7691

    2023-2024 Schedule

    Period 1: Digital Photography
    Period 2: Planning
    Period 3: Digital Photography
    Period 4: Yearbook
    Period 5: Digital Photography
    Period 6: Digital Photography




     Digital Photography - Yearbook

    Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year! 

    I am excited to meet you all and ready to have great school year. This year is exciting as I will be teaching all Digital Photo (and of course yearbook). My classroom is in B-6.

    Mrs Who?

    McGowan - ma- (like your mom) gow- (rhymes with cow) ann. I mean technically it's mick-gow-ann but that is surprisingly difficult to say. So just get it close, I'm not picky. And I actually prefer if you just drop the formal Mrs part and just call me McGowan.

    This is my 22nd year of teaching (what?) and my 6th year at THS. I spent 16 of those years teaching at Yelm Middle School and although I loved my time in Yelm and at the middle school level, I was really ready for a change. I am so happy that I made the move and I love teaching at Tumwater High School!

    I'm originally from Nebraska (Go Big Red!). I attended Arizona State University (Fork 'Em Devils!) where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Graphic Design. After working in the "real world" for a few years, I made the move to the Pacific Northwest and I decided to get my teaching credentials. I attended St. Martin's University (Go Saints!) and received my teaching certificate. I have a Masters of Education from City University.

    When I'm not at Tumwater High School, you can find me outside - hiking, backpacking, cycling, taking photographs or just sitting in the sun reading a good book. I have a Mr. McGowan at home and we have one son who graduated from Cal Poly and lives & works in California.


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