• McGowan at Staircase

    Name: Traci McGowan
    Room: A20
    Subject: Visual Communications - Yearbook - Visual Art
    Phone Number:  360.709.7631
    • If you would like to join your students Google Classroom page, please email me and I will send you an invite. I communciate assignments and due dates there! 

    School Closure Virtual Office Hours

    During the school closure, I am available to answer emails during the school day. However, I will be holding Virtural Office Hours where I will be readily available for any of your needs - just send me an email or comment on Google Classroom. Those hours are:

    Monday & Wednesday: 10am - 12pm
    Tuesday & Thursday: 9am - 11am


    2019-2020 Schedule

    Period 1: Art 1
    Period 2: Planning
    Period 3: Visual Communications
    Period 4: Yearbook
    Period 5: Visual Communications
    Period 6: Visual Communications