• santee

    Name: Jessie Santee
    Room: B7
    Position:  6th Grade Math
    Education/Teaching Background: 19 years teaching
    Years at TMS: 4
    Phone Number: 360-709-7567
    ***Sroll down for Class Work and Homework***

    Syllabus: Welcome!  I hope the summer was fun and relaxing!  I would like to share a little about myself and discuss my classroom expectations. 

    I received my undergraduate degree in Education from Washington State University. Go Cougs!  I also have a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Pacific Lutheran University.  I am married and have two children. I teach 6th grade math and I am happy to be part of the TMS family!


    • Illustrative Mathematics - Parents and students can access the Illustrative materials, including the workbook and parent resources. https://openupresources.org/math-curriculum/
    • Khan Academy - Parents and students can access instructional videos, quizzes and tests that align with Illustrative Mathematics. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/6th-grade-illustrative-math
    • Google Classroom – Students will use Google classroom to find instructional videos.
    • iReady - Each student has been assigned individually designed lessons that help them with growth areas in math.  This math program is linked to the students’ google accounts and it is very easy for them to access.


    • Workbook: Illustrative Mathematics - provided by TMS  (Please take care of your workbooks, copies are limited)
    • Pencils


    • Formative Assessments (periodic quizzes) – 10%
    • Summative Assessments (mid-unit assessments and end of the unit assessments) – 90%
    • Homework/Daily Work(lesson notes)/Fire-ups – 0% (Homework, daily class work and fire-ups are considered a ‘no count’ because students have the opportunity to work together and get help from adults. However, completion is necessary for class and test success. Homework completion is recorded in Skyward and is given Monday-Thursday.)

    ASSESSMENTS:  I will always send parents an email before an assessment. In addition, we spend time in class the day before each upcoming assessment reviewing the concepts that will be on the assessment.  A great way for students to study for an upcoming assessment is by using their review packet that we complete in class together.  It may also be helpful to review lesson summaries, daily work(lesson notes), fire-ups and homework problems from the unit.

     Traditional re-takes will not be provided, however, standards will be spiraled into future unit assessments to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of past standards.  For example, let’s say the students just completed the Unit 1 assessment, which was their first opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the Unit 1 standards.  At the end of Unit 2 assessment, they will receive 3-5 questions similar to the questions found in the Unit 1 assessment.  This is their second opportunity to show mastery of the Unit 1 standards. 

    FIRE-UPS: Fire-ups are generally 1 -2 problems and students get about 5 minutes to complete this. These are practice problems to check for understanding. I will always go through how to complete these problems. Students are expected to correct mistakes as we go over how to complete these problems.

    QUIZZES: Quizzes are generally 1 -2 problems and students get about 5-10 minutes to complete this. Students are encouraged to use their math books to help them. Please remind your child to take their time and do their best on these. After collecting these, I will go through each problem. Re-takes on quizzes will not be provided since I go over how to complete each problem.

    HOMEWORK:  If you are finding that your child is having trouble with homework:

    • Have your child “try” their best by attempting to solve all problems. This is what I tell students, “Do your best and remember that homework is a completion grade. If you try your best and you complete all the problems. You will get full credit.”
    • The next day, encourage your child to ask questions about homework.  I set aside a few minutes each day to go over requested homework problems.  
    • Have your child read over their daily work(lesson notes) and summary. Students can also access the lesson videos on Google Classroom.
    • Parents and students can access the Illustrative materials, including the workbook and parent resources at https://im.openupresources.org

    ABSENCES:  There are high expectations for attendance, work ethic, and behavior in this class.  Regular attendance is required; math is a linear subject and concepts will continue to build on each other. Students are responsible for all missed work. 

    • Visit TMS’s webpage, click ‘teachers’ and then ‘Santee’. My webpage provides an up to date list of assignments. 
    • Please visit Google Classroom, your child will find videos of the lessons that they missed. Students are expected to write what the teacher writes when they are watching lesson videos.
    • Have your child ask me for missed Fire-ups, quizzes and tests.

    STAY INFORMED:  You can find daily assignments and other reminders on my webpage.  To access the class webpage go to http://tms.tumwater.k12.wa.us and click on Teacher Webpages.  Skyward will be updated regularly so parents and students can stay informed about student progress.  If you do not have Skyward access to view your child’s grades, please contact Sally Riddle and she will get you connected.  Email -sally.riddle@tumwater.k12.wa.us


    Jessie Santee – Room B7                                

    jessie.santee@tumwater.k12.wa.us (best option for the quickest response)  



    Thank you!  I hope to have a great year!


    September Class Work and Homework:

    -Received math workbooks 
    -Went through expectations
    -Went on a tour
    -Fire-up page 1 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 1 in class
    -Homework: Pages 9-11 (1-5) due tomorrow
    -Fire-up page 2 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 2 in class
    -No Homework: HAPPY FRIDAY!
    -Fire-up page 3 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 3 in class
    -Homework: Pages 23-24 (1-4) due tomorrow
    -Fire-up page 4 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 4 in class
    -Homework: Pages 28-30 (1-6) due tomorrow
    -Fire-up page 5 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 5 in class
    -Homework: Pages 37-39 (1-6) due tomorrow
    -Fire-up page 6 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 6 in class
    -Homework: Pages 43-45 (1-6) due tomorrow
    -Fire-up page 7 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 7 in class
    -No Homework: HAPPY FRIDAY!
    -Fire-up page 8 in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 8 in class
    -Homework: Pages 59-61 (1-5) due tomorrow
    BRING CHROMEBOOK TOMORROW (FULLY CHARGED) - We will be taking the math iREADY Diagnostic
    -iReady Math Diagnostic in class
    -iReady Math Diagnostic in class
    -iReady Math Diagnostic in class
    -Quiz in class
    -Unit 1, Lesson 8 in class
    -No Homework: HAPPY FRIDAY!