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    Name: R. Patrick Taggesell 
    Room: 203
    Subjects: AP Language and Composition, Sophomore Pre-AP English
    Phone Number: I rarely check my messages due to the nature of the classroom. Please use email instead.
    Email: patrick.taggesell@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    Professional Biography
    I'm a proud Greener grad (twice, once with a BA with a film and English focus and once with my Masters in Teaching). I taught at South Puget Sound Community for six years before joining the Wolf Pack. 
    Period 1: TEALS/Introduction to Computer Science
    Period 2: Planning
    Period 3: Sophomore Pre-AP English
    Period 4: Sophomore Pre-AP English
    Period 5: AP Language and Composition
    Period 6: AP Language and Compostion
    Google Classroom Codes
    Homeroom: nvd7x6x
    Period 1: et5z6f4
    Period 3: c2katem
    Period 4: zci6nzq
    Period 5: ne3t7wy
    Period 6: dx2qfyq
    The class does most of its formal work on Canvas, the same system that most local colleges use. There are a number of advantages to using Canvas from a parent or student point of view, not the least of which is the ability to see full assignment descriptions, and the status of your (and your students') homework. The most up to date grades are availible on Canvas as well. There is an app for parents (both iOS and Android) as well as one for students (again, iOS and Android). Please note that our school is listed as "Free Canvas Accounts".
    For directions on how to view your student's information, please check out this guide.
    Please note that google classroom is used exclusively for announcements