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    Dr. Kristi Martin

    Name: Dr. Kristi Martin
    Room: 102
    Subject: Mathematics
    Phone Number: (360) 709-7869
    Email: kristi.martin@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    Professional Biography
    I grew up in a small town located in upstate NY. It looked very much like the rural areas of Tumwater with large trees and full of wildlife; however, it took about 45 minutes to drive to a grocery store. After high school graduation, I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education at SUNY Oneonta. Once I earned my B.S., I moved to Buffalo, NY where I earned my Masters and Doctorate's degrees in Secondary Mathematics Educations and Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning, respectively.
    I moved out to Washington thinking it would just be a one year experience. It has now been 5 years and I own a home in Tumwater, WA. There must be something in the water. I love our community and do my best to support all students.
     Period 1  Integrated Math III  
     Period 2     Integrated Math III    
     Period 3  Integrated Math III  
     Period 4  Integrated Math II  
     Period 5  Integrated Math II  
     Period 6  Integrated Math II
    MVP Curriculum Vision Statement
    Our vision is to provide and support student engagement in rigors tasks and curriculum that are coherent and balanced. We desire to have students engage in deeper learning and benefit from gaining a strong conceptual foundation as well as procedural fluency in mathematics. With an ever increasing need for students to communicate, collaborate, think critically and creatively we desire to provide materials that are accessible to each and every student and at the same time are robust in that they provide students with the opportunity to work at a high cognitive level.
    MVP Explained for Students and Families
    MVP Explained
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    Integrated Math 1      Integrated Math 2      Integrated Math 3
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