Tumwater School District

 Anti-Harassment (Bullying) Policies and Procedures

In June, 2011 the District formed a committee of administrators, counselors, teachers and parents to update our anti-harassment policies and procedures to comply with legislation that was passed in 2010. New policy, procedure and reporting forms have been created. School administrators schedule time annually to educate staff and students. 

Key Components of the Policy and Procedures:

  • Annual training will be provided to all staff and students on bullying recognition and prevention. 
  • Feporting forms will be explained to staff and students and posted prominently in each building and on the website.
  • Students, parents/guardians, and community members/volunteers may report bullying to any staff member.
  • Each site will designate a compliance officer for this issue. The District Compliance Officer is Kim Howard, Coordinator of Communications and Community Relations 360-709-7003 kim.howard@tumwater.k12.wa.us

    A summary brochure was sent to all families in the fall/winter 2011-12.  It is also linked below. This information will be included annually in the Parent/Student handbook which is sent to all families each summer.
Below are links to the new policy, procedure and reporting forms.
Summary Brochure describing new policy and proceedure

Policy (Adopted August 25, 2011)

Procedures (Adopted September 19, 2011)

Useful Websites for More Information
www.StopBullying.gov  - This U.S. Government website is managed by the departments of Health & Human Services, Education and Justice.  There are materials here for both kids and adults. 
www.k12.wa.us/SafetyCenter/BullyingHarassment - This is our WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Safety Center website. 
 Updated June, 2012