Tumwater School District


Employee Health Benefits

Employee Benefits and Safety Specialist: Tabitha Perkinson (360) 709-7019; tabitha.perkinson@tumwater.k12.wa.us
A Summary of Health Benefit Plans for the 2013-14 School Year:
2013-14 Benefits at a Glance:
Click on the below picture to access the online benefit information site:

Online Benefit

For questions about plan coverage, billing, and customer service call:

Premera Blue Cross - Phone: (800) 932-9221
Group Health  - Phone: (888) 901-4636
Washington Dental Service – Phone: (800) 554-1907
Willamette Dental Service – Phone: (800) 360-1909 Ext 4450 for Customer Service
Vision Services Plan – Phone: (800) 877-7195
Standard Insurance Company (life insurance) - Phone: (800) 628-8600
Standard Insurance Company (long term disability insurance) - Phone: (800) 368-1135
Standard Insurance Company (claims department) - Phone: (877) 276-6616

For questions about eligibility or enrollment please contact Tabitha Perkinson via email at tabitha.perkinson@tumwater.k12.wa.us or at (360) 709-7019.

WEA/Hewitt Online Health Benefit Portal

All additions or changes to any WEA plan (Premera Blue Cross, Washington Dental Services, Willamette Dental or Vision Services Plan) must be done through the online benefit portal or by calling the number below:
Online Benefit Portal: http://resources.hewitt.com/wea 

Phone Number: 1-855-668-5039


Retirement Benefit Information

For questions or information about your Washington State Retirement plan contact:

Washington State Department of Retirement Systems – Phone: (800) 547-6657

To log on and view your TRS or SERS Plan 3 Defined Contributions Account contact:

ICMA - Phone: (877) 488-4040

For information about health benefits for retiring employees contact:
Voluntary Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible Spending Account permits you to set aside part of your paycheck using pre-tax dollars to pay health care or dependent care costs (daycare). Visit the Flex-Plan Services website for more information and for claim forms.
Company Code: TWS

Deferred Compensation Program - Tax Deferred Retirement Account

Deferred Compensation permits you to set aside part of your paycheck PRE-TAX for a retirement savings account with the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems. Visit the Deferred Compensation website for enrollment information or to access your Deferred Compenstion account. Enrollment in Deferred Compensation is open year-round.

403(b) Tax Deferred Retirement Accounts

A 403(b) account permits you to set aside part of your paycheck PRE-TAX for a retirement savings account with approved investment companies. These accounts are comparable to 401(k) accounts offered by private businesses. The district has retained The OMNI Group for administration of these accounts. Click here for more information about setting up a 403(b) account with The OMNI Group. Visit the The Omni
Group website
 to enroll or to access your account. Enrollment in 403(b) accounts is open year-round.