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Regon Unsoeld.

Name:  Regon Unsoeld.
Room:  P-3  (portable)
Subjects:  Political Economy and World Studies
Phone Number:  709-7772
   1985 - present    Social Studies teacher at Tumwater High School.
   Education           BA 1981, The Evergreen State College
   Life experience   I was fortunate to live in Kathmandu, Nepal for 
                               five years as a youth, attending an international 
                               school.  I experienced extreme culture shock 
                               when I returned to the US in 1967, and am 
                               pleased to report that I have not yet recovered!

   4th period   Political Economy
   5th period   World Studies
   6th period   Political Economy
Political Economy Syllabus
World Studies Syllabus 

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